12 Military Inventions That Became Everyday Gadgets

Hold on to your hats because I'm about To reveal how the military's top secret Gadgets have revolutionized the way we Live Let's take a trip through time and space With two inventions that change this World the wristwatch and GPS back in the 1880s Emperor Wilhelm the first of Germany commissioned 2 000 wrist watches For naval officers sparking the birth of The wristwatch fast forward to the Mid-1960s in the U.S Navy deployed GPS To track nuclear missiles on submarines And now we have the citizen satellite Wave GPS watch a combo of both Inventions with this watch you can Always know the exact local time locate Yourself on a map get accurate Navigation to your destination and be Visible to others in case of emergencies Plus it's powered by Eco Drive Technology and can go up to 720 days on A single charge and up to seven years in Power saving mode crazy the watch's GPS Reception speed is the fastest in the World at just three seconds ensuring Accuracy no matter where you go and with Its luminous hands you can read it in Any lighting conditions The rangefinder has come a long way Since its creation by Scottish company Bar and Stroud in the 1880s although the First electronic Rangefinder wasn't used Until World War II similar devices were

Used much earlier Hunters golfers and Photographers now rely on this Nifty Device for precision measurements its Three modes range scan and speed coupled With Advanced AI technology provide fast And accurate readings every time for Golf enthusiasts the pro X3 is a Must-have accessory with patented slope Technology that takes temperature and Altitude into account it provides Golfers with the most precise Compensated distances ever Do you think AR and VR were first Invented for gamers think again AR Tech's been around since the 1960s with Its roots in fighter pilot head mounted Displays and VR that was developed for The military way back in the day too but Today both AR and VR have a wide range Of uses from solving design problems to Military training and of course gaming I Want to show you the magic leap 2 this Nifty little device seamlessly Transitions between AR and VR modes Making it the perfect tool for safe and Consequence free training simulations It's a total game changer for anyone Looking for an immersive and intuitive AR VR experience From the battlefield to your backyard Night vision technology has come a long Way since its Inception in the 1920s Hungarian physicist common tahane's Invention of the infrared sensitive

Electric television camera paved the way For military night vision devices in World War II today the ATN binox Binoculars take night vision technology To the next level with dual core Processor and 4K Ultra HD technology These binoculars provide unparalleled Image quality and precise Target to Distance measurements up to a thousand Yards whether it's day or night don't Forget to check out the ground panoramic Night vision goggle with a 97 degree Panoramic field of view that provides Increased situational awareness and Operational effectiveness you'll feel Like a badass Soldier on a top-secret Mission In the 1970s another similar technology Was invented and led to the production Of the first Naval thermal imager for Shipboard firefighting by the Royal Navy And now civilians can enjoy its Incredible benefits too by viewing and Finding animals and birds in low light Conditions this thermal monocular Reveals your surroundings and helps you See objects and animals up to a thousand Yards away what's more it's a must-have Tool for emergencies such as finding People who are lost while camping or on Water there are five built-in pallets to Identify objects more quickly and Accurately The history of water filter technology

For Backcountry camping spanned several Decades with the leister bag being an Early so-called portable water Purification device used by the U.S Military in the early 1900s it involves Suspending 36 gallons of chlorinated Water from a tripod and early 20th Century documents from the U.S Department of War set the maximum Practical size of a portable water Filter at four feet high and 18 inches In diameter now compare that with the Sawyer squeeze water filtration system Which weighs just three ounces and comes With two durable collapsible 32-ounce Reusable squeeze pouches and a filter With Hollow fiber membranes that said to Remove 100 percent of bacteria in Microplastics its included adapter kit Allows you to install the filter in line On your hydration pack or create a Gravity water filtration system and Almost forgot to tell you it can clean Up to 540 gallons of water this option From the same manufacturer is also Suitable for cleaning tap water just Attach it to a standard faucet or a hose Bib spigot and get up to 500 gallons of Clean water Ah the good old days when we used metal Detectors to find landmines it all Started during World War II when Lieutenant Joseph kasaki a Polish army Engineer invented the portable metal

Detector today metal detectors are Widely used to find valuables and They're way more compact the gold hunter Smart Geo locator metal detector boasts Multiple features to search for gold Buried Treasures precious metals and Diamonds in the ground it uses four Different methods to find underground Caves empty spaces old tombs and Diamonds it even figures out how deep They are and examines what it finds and Its search depth reaches 164 feet in the Ground with a forward range of 32 000 Square feet Ah the humble drone born from the fiery Crucible of War it all started with the Larynx cruise missile a favorite of the British Navy and the fairy queen and a Haviland tiger moth biplane trainer Radio controlled Target aircraft the U.S Navy got in on the action too creating The Curtis n2c2 drone in 1937 which Could be remote controlled from another Aircraft with all this early Experimentation it's no surprise that Drones would become the go-to for Modern Warfare luckily we also have a chance to Use this invention in a peaceful way the Inspire 3 is a versatile drone that's Ideal for professional filmmakers Photographers and aerial enthusiasts Alike boasting an incredible 8K Resolution and unmatched Precision this Drone will help you capture breathtaking

Footage in any lighting condition with Repeatable routes you can set your Flight path and let the Inspire 3 take Over ensuring every shot is perfectly Framed and executed with ease the Rechargeable batteries provide a 28 Minute Max flight time while the Built-in sensors make sure the Drone Will avoid all the obstacles on its way Whether you're shooting a one take Masterpiece or a stunning time lapse of The changing seasons the Inspire 3 has Got you covered Back in The Swinging 60s General Electric in the U.S armed forces joined Forces to create the ultimate power suit Hardy man this baby could make you 25 Times stronger and was powered by Hydraulics and electricity making Lifting heavy loads A Piece of Cake Plus It had a Nifty force feedback feature That made you feel like a superhero Manipulating objects fast forward to Today and we have the guardian XO the Hearty man sleeker cooler and more Practical cousin it's widely used to Increase productivity and heavy duty Jobs and prevent injuries regardless of Your physical abilities with this suit You'll be able to lift and move large Objects easily up to 200 pounds According to the developers lifting a Weight of 200 pounds will feel like Lifting only nine pounds it's designed

For industrial workers in the military Because for them the human body is Never Enough the guardian XO is incredibly Easy to use it takes just 30 seconds to Put on and take off

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