17 AI-powered Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Welcome to CES 2023 where the future of Technologies on full display get ready To be wowed by the latest and greatest AI powered products and robots that'll Leave you wondering how you ever lived Without them from humanoid robots that Can hold a conversation to Smart Home Devices that anticipate your every need This year's show is guaranteed to blow Your mind Are you a content creator why not Improve your videos with a whole bunch Of Epic slo-mos macros and juicy shots Thank you CES 2023 for revealing bolt x To the world so first it has the longest Horizontal arm reach which is about 10 Feet plus its vertical travel is about 16 feet starting from its lowest Position to the maximum height of 13 Feet this feature provides the bolt x With a greater flexibility and an Incredible range of movement in Capturing shots at high speed in the Studio and at location settings the cam Can literally follow falling objects and Capture images that would otherwise be Impossible by hand or any other method Since this thing was designed mostly for Commercial purposes it runs on the flare Software that precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion and interfaces Seamlessly with CGI packages want to add Another dimension of movement make the Bolt run on a track

Hey there are you allergic to animals Well have no fear because the spot robot Is here this thing's like a pet with a Ton of benefits not only is it fun to Mess around with but it can actually Help you out with work too it can climb Stairs navigate tough terrain like a pro And still be small enough to use indoors All that's possible thanks to four So-called Paws that can carry and power Up to 30 pounds of inspection equipment And the built-in cams help to avoid the Obstacles spots easy to control via an Intuitive tablet app the robot's already Been a lifesaver for some folks it Worked with firefighters created 3D maps And monitored assets for engineers and Even detected radiation at Chernobyl and Met some celebrity if you want to have Even more fun use the software Development kit to create custom Controls program missions and integrate Sensor data or just make it do push-ups With you yoga play soccer or dance with Other spot robots This Innovative chessboard brings magic To the real world all the pieces on this Board are able to move on their own the Mechanism is smooth and Silent you can Actually play completely hands-free Using voice commands to move your pieces The integrated AI plays like a human and Adapts to your level but you might play Online against Real opponents all their

Moves will be reflected on your board on Top of that there's a dedicated mobile App that remembers all your games and Gives you some tips the battery is big Enough to hold up to 30 Games choose Games from the huge library or add your Own ones and despite all these crazy Features the set has an authentic wooden Design Get ready to step up your DIY game with Unit this AI cam powered robotic arm is Like your right hand man or woman I Don't judge ready to tackle any task With its array of attachments you need a 3D printer to print something for your Project okay it'll even automatically Level the printing bed wanna draw a Sketch sure just change the attachment On the arm can't start your day without Coffee no problem hey Mom check whether The soup is ready and for all you makers Out there unit comes equipped with a Laser attachment that's capable of Cutting and Engraving all sorts of Materials with the auto changer nearby Unit can tackle multiple tasks all on Its own controlling the robot and adding New features is a breeze with its touch Display or software and its wide working Range strength quick speed and high Precision will bring your ideas to life In no time I've always dreamed of a pool in the Backyard but there was always one con

That stood between me and my dream That's cleaning while the cleaning Company aper is launching the seagull Pro the quad motor pool cleaning robot This Flagship vacuum is the CES 2023 Innovation award honoree so the seagull Pros quad motor system moves the robot Around your pool by sucking and quickly Exhausting water the manufacturer says It can suck in dirt sand leaves hair and Other particles on the pool's floor it Can clean in or above ground pools up to 3 200 square feet for up to three hours Per charge and offers three modes floor Cleaning wall cleaning and auto which Cleans both apres says the device's wave Path navigation follows a unique wave Shape while cleaning to increase its Coverage compared to vacuums that wander Randomly now catch that guy get rid of The debris in the trash and rinse the Tray with some tap water Hello there my name's Adam let me make You a cup of coffee to set the mood for The whole day in case you wondered I can Work as a barista a cocktail mixing Bartender or a boba tea specialist yeah And I work 24 7. so I fit in perfectly In highly active environments let's get Back to the coffee make an order via the Touch screen a cappuccino who drinks a Cappuccino at 5 pm I'll complain to my Italian friends huh where's the cup hey Coffee machine could you please make

Some espresso and then eat some milk Thanks here's your 5 PM cappuccino you Pervert what a bubble tea no problem Don't worry my arms with six joints that Range from 180 degrees to 270 degrees Are way more flexible than yours I'll Reach all the needed gear to make bubble Tea no I won't over pour the Smoothie I'm a high Precision robot stop being Impolite Wow yard work just got a whole lot Smarter say goodbye to aching backs and Hello to yarbo the modular smartyard Robot that's got you covered all year Round this little guy is like a Swiss Army knife it acts not only as a Lawnmower but also as a snow blower and A leaf blower when the seasons call for It the robot doesn't need a perimeter Cable and stays in your yard thanks to a Mix of navigation Technologies and Magnetic field navigation it also Incorporates 4G LTE connectivity for App-based control and planning along With real-time tracking of the device Through its high-res cam the lawnmower Module is pretty much every feature You'd expect out of a premium robot Mower like intelligent route planning Automatic obstacle avoidance and a dual Cutting deck with adjustable cutting Heights and the largest width in the Industry the snow blower attachment Combines a powerful auger with an

Impeller that's capable of blasting the Snow up to 40 inches away you can set Both the distance and direction for your Blown snow the smart leaf blower allows You to adjust the wind speed and Direction and select your blowing areas Regardless of which attachment you're Using yarbo will sense when it's Finished working or when its battery is Down to five percent at which time it'll Automatically drive itself to its Wireless charging pad to juice up Are you an artist have you ever thought Of using water as a canvas Jokes Aside Leader's robot uses food derived drying Liquid to draw text illustrations and Even 3D patterns onto the beverage the Robot syringe mechanism accurately Controls the flow rate positioning speed And dispensing amount with a six axis Robot arm you just draw the design on The tablet and the robot repeats it in The water in less than a minute what's Cool the Liquid Ink stays in the exact Position without penetrating or Distortion even if you carry it want to Use several colors no problem leader Reuses Surplus or discarded food for the Ingredients so it's safe for the human Body and significantly contributes to The ecosystem you can enjoy later on Various occasions birthdays sports Events weddings and many more Think you're safe with just one security

Camera in the corner think again ADT Commercial is shaking things up with Their Cutting Edge autonomous guarding Solutions they're bringing the future of Security to your doorstep with a killer Combo of humanoid robots drones Ai and AR want to know how it works humanoid Robots and drones will Patrol 24 7 to Capture any disturbances or unwanted Visitors making alarm verification a Breeze and if there's a health hazard in The room ask the robot to check the room Or better wear the VR glasses and go Check that yourself yep you can get the Tech support this way too so cool Robot vacuums have become a pretty Common thing and they work great but What if you have to clean huge spaces With a constant flow of people meet R3 Scrub the effective and compact dry Scrubbing cleaner its running time is About three hours and it cleans up to 13 000 square feet per hour and even picks Up small debris it's fully automatic but You can control this guy manually if Needed tap the touchscreen several times Either on the robot or on your Smartphone unfold the handle and you're Ready to go you need to mop the floors Dust mop mode I pick you now R3 can work Up to seven hours and clean up to Nineteen thousand square feet per hour Using just 1.5 gallons I've already shown you the robot that

Takes care of your security here's the Robot that takes care of your security And your health IO was designed to work Mostly in open environments who's there Need to send a notification so first the Robot patrols the area and inspects Every corner to make sure there are no Unwanted guests aside from that he Checks whether the human in the room is Okay if not he'll immediately escalate The caregiver to come and help ales is Equipped with a UV light so it also Kills all the viruses and bacteria in Minutes aside from that this guy is a True Superman to the medical personnel Since he transports medical samples and Handles medical waste and this way Reduces the workload even if you need to Take something on another floor yeah not All superheroes wear capes Decepticons detected Autobots roll out Yes you guessed right Optimus Prime is Back as you see he comes to life in Robot form as the world's first Auto Converting Transformer integrated Technology such as 60 microchips 27 Servo Motors the dedicated app and Polymer materials give Prime an Authentic look and feel the result you See with your own eyes the toy Transforms from truck into a robot Produces a lot of authentic sounds walks On its own and even dances with just a Tap of the screen or with just a single

Voice command let's get back to Decepticons use the blaster in a battle Ax have your own special attacks teach Your Optimus Prime all those actions in The app This guy is called bellabot and it's Basically what your waiter will look Like in the future it's the first full Dimensional sensory delivery robot not Only does it have a large multi-touch Screen but also a human voice powered by Artificial intelligence the robot uses a Wide range of cameras and sensors to Avoid different objects they can Communicate to each other to avoid Accidents as well the real breakthrough Though is how cute it is with these Funny faces if you ever meet one of These don't forget to leave a tip Say hello to a social robot designed to Be a personal assistant within the home Ordering your trip buddy has many assets For social interaction such as its Appealing design its anthropomorphic Face able to display emotional reactions And its ability to be proactive to look For a user in propose activities its Navigation components allow it to move Around and avoid obstacles when you Return home buddy will meet you oh my Your heart rate's too high take a break The robot enables carers to monitor Their loved ones remotely with video Need a ticket for tomorrow's train ask

Buddy to book it oops that shelf was Supposed to stay still don't worry buddy You'll call the hotline I'll give you a second to guess what Kind of thing is that this robot will Take care of your crops it's fully Autonomous and it scans all plots for The biological threads like weeds or Diseases maripy won't damage your crop Since it's equipped with a system of Spoked wheels that step over the plants It's lightweight just 22 pounds finally It runs up to 12 hours on one charge and Covers up to 20 hectares in any weather There's something wrong with that girl Yep too much makeup to take those jokes Aside zosi is one of the world's most Talented Advanced and ultra realistic Humanoids to put it even more simply she Mimics head movements and facial Expressions she chats and engages in Conversation with anyone on any topic Via five levels of the proprietary Linguistic database and by the way she Speaks and understands 120 languages Including American Sign Language there's More thanks to the cameras in her eyes She can say whether the human in front Of her is happy or sad and even asks the Reason for that and I can surely say This chick is fully focused on her Career since she denied our CEO's Invitation to go out sorry I don't think I'm interested

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