17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy

Today you’ll know how to improve your productivity and how to roll the dice. Literally.

16 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing
17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Feelbelt Series One: https://bit.ly/3VApELw || https://bit.ly/3G4smTM
0:46 Titan X Hybrid Edition Minimalist Wallet: https://bit.ly/3jD5zag
1:08 GetxGo Fireproof Backpack 2.0: https://amzn.to/3hRprpG (US) || https://amzn.to/3jDlKo5 (UK) || https://geni.us/GetxGoBackpack
1:53 Transparent Light Speaker: https://geni.us/LightSpeaker
2:24 Rockbros Winter Cycling Gloves: https://amzn.to/3IcL3az (US) || https://amzn.to/3vlTOHV (UK) || https://geni.us/WinterGloves
2:51 Nuka Eternal Stationery: https://bit.ly/3WxRGIM
3:21 Acuce A10 Pro M.2: https://bit.ly/3C7LlvA
4:01 Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset: https://amzn.to/3I8IV3t (US) || https://amzn.to/3I7iprm (UK) || https://geni.us/BananaBluetoothHandset
4:28 Iron Man Costume + Helmet Speaker: https://geni.us/IronManMK2Helmet || https://geni.us/IronManMK7Helmet || https://geni.us/IronManMK7HelmetBase || https://bit.ly/3GsGFTy || https://bit.ly/3jFA1Ag
5:12 Bit Bar II EDC Screwdriver: https://bit.ly/3jraz1o
5:34 Magpie M30+: https://amzn.to/3WxCKuf (US) || https://geni.us/MagpieDistanceMeasure
5:58 Nicron N7 Flashlight: https://amzn.to/3i1nuqz (US) || https://geni.us/NicronN7Flashlight
6:19 Roulette Dice: https://bit.ly/3PXHOFQ
6:53 Freewrite Traveler: https://amzn.to/3vl91Jd (US) || https://geni.us/FreewriteTraveler
7:14 Freewrite Ernest Hemingway Signature Edition: https://bit.ly/3VuVpWm
7:33 Zetazs Knight Pro 2: https://bit.ly/3Q3zBjE
8:08 Tabula First Spatial Augmented Gaming System: https://bit.ly/3jvDO3f

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It's time to improve your Mobility Fellas and your productivity too there's Also something cool for Iron Man fans on The list and of course I couldn't leave You without tools for quick fixes and Measurements Field beat a German company created the Feel belt a device that provides the Sounds with a whole new dimension the Belt uses haptic feedback to let your Body feel everything you hear with your Ears you can use it for music video Playback or even play video games to Dive in really deep and react faster Than your opponents it's also integrated With popular virtual headsets like Oculus and Playstation VR to provide an Even more realistic experience this Gadgets a perfect way for deaf people to Feel sounds quite impressive huh I think The gadget's worth three hundred dollars Although this wallet is called Titan It'll barely be noticed in your pocket It's a minimalist metal wallet that Holds up to seven cards and protects Them with the RFID power the card holder Keeps them firmly in place and for your Cash there's a pocket and a cash strap Yep the wallet's modular you can pick The configuration you like the most and All that for just sixty dollars What criteria should a survival kit mean It should be compact easy to carry and Should have everything for any situation

Well the go kit is a fire resistant and Waterproof emergency kit it'll have your Back there are four compartments for all The supplies the first three contain Food and water hygiene items and Survival tools like waterproof matches Rope rubber gloves and a multi-tool the Fourth one is a lifesaver with all the Safety options like a first aid kit a Solar powered charger and a hand crank Radio with a built-in flashlight plus You can put anything in the side zip Pocket for quick access is there Anything you want to add there's a Bigger version to fit your clothes and You should also check out that file for Your docs this Kittle cost you about a Hundred and thirty dollars Yep you've got the idea that's the Lantern that looks more like a campfire Why is the light shaking because the Central part also doubles as a speaker There are two knobs on the bottom part To control the light and the sound pick The needed color temperature and enjoy The 360 degree sound at the volume That's perfect for you or pair two of Them for an immersive stereo oh and in Case anything happens with any of the Components you can easily replace them Because the Lantern's modular you can Buy it for about 350 dollars Riding a bike you need a helmet to Protect your head and a pair of gloves

To protect your hands if it's cold Outside these Rock Bros cycling gloves Will handle that job the outer polyester Layer will protect your hands from Wind And Rain while the inner fleece layer Will keep them warm what's cool you can Still use your phone with the gloves on And finally the reflective elements will Make you more noticeable in the dark one Pair of gloves will cost you about Sixteen dollars This set will serve you a lifetime Including a rewritable notebook and a Metal pencil Nuka ensures you'll never Need another notebook again I'm serious Here the paper inside is nearly Impossible to destroy did you write Anything wrong rewrite that part as for The pencil it writes with metal that Doesn't run out and needs no sharpening Use the Nuka app to think on paper and Work in digital transferring your note To digital before you erase it by simply Scanning it this set costs 356 dollars I need more ports I need less cables on My desktop here's the Hub from accused That'll deal with those issues whether You need to plug in a mouse mirror the Screen or transfer the files you have 14 Ports to increase your productivity as For file transferring you'll do that at A sky high speed and you won't lose it Because the built-in cooling system is Responsible for heat dissipation TF and

SD cards are also supported so you can Edit your content right after shooting It not enough memory you can turn your Hub into an SSD no problem finally if Your gadgets are running out of energy You can give them a power boost if you Order this thing on Indiegogo you might Get it for seventy dollars Forget Apple the real future of phone Technology is bananas this fun novelty Cell phone accessory is the banana Shaped Wireless Mobile handset and Bluetooth speaker banana phone uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone Interact with your voice assistant Siri Or Google assistant and call your Friends on a banana with voice activated Calling it's able to play music over a Speaker and the sound quality is great By the way it'll cost you about forty Dollars That's what I call a quality cosplay yep It's a one-to-one replica of Mark 7 Tony Stark used in Iron Man 3. just like the Original it looks heavy but don't worry The outfit's lightweight since it's made Of plastic well it'll still cost you Five thousand dollars but it's worth Every penny just look how detailed it is Now let's get straight to the most Exciting part or better say Parts all of Them are movable is there an enemy on Your way show them your Armory hidden in The compartments on your arms and thighs

No place to store the costume okay you Can get a wearable helmet in a stand It's also a one-to-one replica and it's Voice controlled cherry on top that Stand underneath doubles as a speaker And the whole set will cost you five Hundred dollars What's that a foldable knife nope it's a Screwdriver with eight hex bits that'll Fit perfectly in your pocket two Magnetic beds will make it even more Comfortable to fix the things on the go Clip it to your pocket or hang it on the Lanyard it's up to you finally it's made Of titanium so it'll serve you a Lifetime if you pre-order this Screwdriver on Kickstarter you'll get it For a hundred dollars Measuring spaces with an ordinary tape Measures usually a pain Magpie m30 is a Total Game Changer all you need to do is Push the button voila all the needed Data is on display now need to measure The area Okay volume maybe no problem or There's a Pythagorean measurement on the List this laser measure can do that That's how fifty dollars saves you so Much time Yep another flashlight for your Adventures in the dark so yeah it looks Like any other ordinary flashlight it Has several brightness modes and it Lights up to 200 feet in front of you a Magnetic tail is the way out when you

Need both hands now watch this if you Need the beam of light at a particular Angle you can just rotate the upper part And the price is just 18 dollars What kind of complex mechanism is that These are the dice you can play like Roulette they're made of 100 zinc alloy Which makes them extremely robust and They feature incredible surface details It'll take you some time to learn how to Read them the sum of two opposite Numbers is the maximum number of the die Plus one for example in dice D20 the sum Of the number 20 and the symmetric one Is 21. the adjacent 8 is symmetrical 13 And so on now you literally have to roll The dice pre-order this cutie on Kickstarter for 39 dollars Focusing on your work can be challenging Fortunately the Free Ride traveler Distraction free writing device doesn't Allow access to a browser or email so You can remain focused on writing it Comes equipped with Cloud apps to safely Store your work using the built-in Wi-Fi The device offers a four week battery Life when used 30 minutes per day this Option will cost you 500 do you need Something bigger the Ernest Hemingway Free Ride signature edition pays homage To the most iconic literary personality Of the last century it's bigger with its Hand polished aluminum chassis and green Keycaps and it's one of a kind since

Every unit is made by hand now I Understand why it costs a thousand Dollars It's time to improve your daily Mobility Thanks to the Zetas night Pro 2 mini Electric skateboards compact size it Easily fits in spaces like trunks Suitcases and under seats and with that Side handle it's also easy to carry the Skateboard has large size wheels that Give you good passability not only that But it also has comfortable widened Pedals and a shorter wheelbase together These allow you to get better Flexibility on the go finally with a Rubber foot position indicator at both Ends lets you sense the front and rear Positions of your feet without lowering Your head you can buy the skateboard for 700 dollars Are you a big fan of 80s arcades s Arcade is the spatial augmented gaming System which allows you to choose your 80s inspired arcade game and design a Scenario all you need is a projector and A PC now calibrate the playground on Your wall and draw your level around Real physical objects yup now walls Windows shelves and Frames become part Of your gaming setup that's it don't Want to play on the wall you can play Horizontally on Floors tables and even On your House's wall and don't forget to Use hexa cage tiles to make the level a

Bit more difficult if you order this System on Kickstarter it'll cost you About 180 dollars

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