19 Cool Gadgets for Every Man

In today's video we have something Special in store for all the gentlemen Out there are you ready to dive in Nice pin in fact this is a pen that'll Help you with quick fixes on the go and Even in emergencies whether you need to Open a box defend yourself or jot down a Quick note the bullet ant has got you Covered it's Innovative double-sided Bolt action mechanism allows you to Quickly switch between functions Including a hidden screwdriver that can Be customized with two included beds Are you still lugging around a chunky Wallet that weighs as much as a brick Take a look at the merred and slim Wallet not only is it Aviation grade Aluminum frame super lightweight but it Also packs a security punch with an RFID Blocking technology to keep your Personal info secure and let's talk About the unique aluminum card holder Held together by 10 rivet style hex Screws it can fit up to 12 cards with an Easy access window need to stack some Cash the rubber band has got your back And here's a survival kit that can even Fit into the Meriden wallet I've already Shown you so what does this little thing Offer first of all you get a mini knife And a dual Edge saw then there are a ton Of fishing tools including two harpoons Six Hooks and a lure the card also Features a micro finger drill three

Sewing needles and tweezers the sets Made of stainless steel which is durable And corrosion resistant plus the Magnetic base along with the Triangular Tabs makes it really easy to remove the Tools and snap them right back do you Have difficulty pulling yourself Together in emergencies use this tiny Survival guy it's a step-by-step first Aid and medical guide that everyone can Use when things go bad and it's still The size of a credit card in case you Have some time scan the QR codes to Watch online training resources because Knowing such things is never too much The Aged in ore bottle flight is the Ultimate way to transport and share your Favorite Spirits this premium set Includes four custom silicone wrapped Glass bottles each with a three ounce Max Capacity and measurement indicators The models come in a protective travel Case with a carry Loop and a labeling Window for easy identification Additionally there are silicone sleeves For Aesthetics and Extra Protection as Well as a wide mouth for easy filling Many do-it-yourselfers have encountered The problem of accurately drilling a Group of holes with small diameters free MAX technology has launched the ultimate Solution for all DIY enthusiasts this Handy kit includes a mini drill with a VC motor a set of 10 high-speed steel

Drills with Magnetic cold and a special Rotary stand made of aluminum with a Built-in lithium battery and an OLED Screen the compact drill has four speeds Of rotation and led illumination for Maximum precision Tired of your watch dying on you mid Travel say hello to your new wingman the Rocket Winder from wool this little guy May be small but he's Mighty the Rocket's sleek and Innovative design Includes a rechargeable battery-powered Single Watch Winder with all the Necessary indicators and functionality To keep your watch ticking and protected While on the Move plus its patented Technology counts turns per day ensuring Your timepiece is always perfectly wound And ready for action or you might use This Star Wars inspired product created By cross studio in collaboration with Lucasfilm this watch Winder features a Powerful movement that maintains the Mechanism of any automatic mechanical Watch placed within the winding capsule Okay it's time to bring some order to Your bathroom this kit contains all Modules that'll hold all the things you Might need during your morning routine All of them grip strongly to any shiny Surface the fog resistant mirror Toothbrushes razor and so on okay but How to organize all those shower gels And toothpaste you may ask just the same

Way since there are some bigger options With pockets for your beauty products Listen to your wine when it's calling For you no seriously this bottle with Its unique 360 degree sound technology Creates a pristine musical Ambiance that Literally envelops you from all Directions I finally found a bottle of Wine that will cheer me up and won't Damage my liver Move over average flashlights the Worx 20 volt multi-function LED light can Double as a desk lamp yep with two Brightness settings it'll be essential When working at the table the head Pivots 140 degrees ensuring you can Shine the Light right where you need it And the LED lamp has a burn time of 50 000 hours so you won't have to worry About replacing it there's also an Emergency strobe light for those sticky Situations where you need to signal for Help it's lightweight lasts up to 18 Hours on one charge and even comes with A Power share battery and charger When it comes to Outdoor Adventures the Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet is the perfect Companion for those who need a campfire And let's not forget these secret stash Hidden within the shaft which is sure to Spark some interest for those who like To light up the night yep there's a gear Storage stick with a 59 inches piece of Paracord and space for a lighter or some

Tender this means you always have Everything you need for a good campfire It's not just any ordinary belt my Friend it's the tech belt designed by The luxury Geniuses at Filippo morado in London plus the discrete button allows For instant and easy adjustment by .196 Inches so you can fine tune your fit on The Fly and the push to open features Like a magic trick for your waistline no More Awkward fumbling around trying to Loosen your belt Ahoy there you may not be Jack Sparrow But this coin size Compass will still be Your trusty guide in The Great Outdoors It won't lead you to the Black Pearl but It'll definitely help you navigate your Way around Camp despite its size this Little guy is built to last surviving Even the roughest terrain and weather Conditions plus it's versatile too you Can switch between liquid filled or air Filled options depending on your Preference and situation attach it to Your key ring backpack or first aid kit And set sail with confidence or you Might prefer this watch by Redux the Thing is you can combine it with either A compass or digital module both of them Are the same 1.1 inches diameter as the Main watch and either one can be Attached to the strap below the main Watch head Looking for the ultimate EDC tool

That'll make your everyday life easier And more convenient this multi-tool pry Bar is compact lightweight and extremely Versatile made from lightweight and Durable titanium it includes a pry bar Bottle opener box opener nail puller Wrenches and an everlasting magnetic pin The pry bar also features a ratchet Screwdriver and built-in storage for two Bits as well as a removable back clip Additionally the tungsten steel tip can Be used as a self-defense tool or to Break glass in emergency situations the Magnetic quick load design allows for Easy and secure access to the pin and Bits Unit Hertz has released a beast of a Phone and I'm not talking about the size The tank smartphone boasts a massive 22 000 milliamp hour battery making it Basically a portable power bank with a Phone attached I mean who needs a Charger when you got that much juice the Tank can last up to eight days with Normal usage and almost 150 hours of Continuous talking but that's not all This phone is water dust and shock proof Plus there's a powerful LED system that Doubles as a spotlight or SOS light with Eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of Internal memory and 108 megapixel Main And 32 megapixel front cameras you'll Have everything you need for your Travels

The capro 905 digital is a game changing Tool it has a durable aluminum profile With strong magnets for secure placement The tool features an oversized angled Display with a flipping digital readout Ensuring easy readability from any angle Shock absorbing end caps and an Ergonomic handle provide Extra Protection and the ip65 water and dust Resistance make it suitable for any job Every Star Trek fan will recognize this Iconic Gadget the communicator it looks Exactly like it does in the movies Featuring premium materials such as Nickel plated zinc aluminum and actual Jewels but it isn't just a toy you can Actually make calls with this device Simply connect the communicator to your Phone via Bluetooth and flip it open to Talk the pre-loaded sound effects and Voice clips create an authentic Enterprise experience Also use the camera the commuter is a Wireless speaker to play music from your Smartphone complete with playback and Volume controls The package includes a carrying case and Pouch and the display stand doubles as a Wireless charger here's another Fantastic device that'll please every Star Trek fan the Star Trek original Series phaser what's cool about it is That it's actually a TV remote with its Stunning design authentic details

Metallic finishes and vibrant lights and Sounds it brings the iconic phaser to Life

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