19 Must-Have Security Gadgets That Are On The Next Level

Safety is your main priority that's why Today's video is all about the latest And greatest gadgets designed to keep You safe and secure whether you need to Protect something small like your Documents something big like your car or Even something intangible like top Secret info these guys have got you Covered Whether you're parked in a busy city or A remote area Tire theft can happen Anywhere but fear not because rim guard Is here to keep your wheels safe and Secure this tire lock is easy to install It fits snugly over the bolts creating a Powerful barrier that's virtually Impossible to breach with rim guard you Can rest easy knowing your tires are Protected from even the most determined Thieves it's the only lock that's Certified according to the Swedish Anti-theft association's Norm for wheel Lock and as such with the highest Security classification why risk it keep Your tires where they belong right where You left them How to keep your home safe Novi sounds Like a great home security kit that Offers several useful features the HD Cam and motion sensor can help detect Any suspicious activity and the smoke Detector can provide an early warning in Case of a fire the ability to adjust the Sensitivity of the motion sensor to

Account for pets is also a nice touch It's also worth noting that while the Novi app can alert you to potential Security issues and allow you to take Action it's important to have a plan in Place for how you'll respond in case of An emergency overall Novi seems like a Great option for anyone looking to add An extra layer of security to their home Don't have much money for a good car Alarm the steering wheel pedal lock is An upgraded anti-theft device for any Vehicle it's adjustable with telescopic Bar tubes that can be extended from 23 To 34 inches the lock comes with a Sturdy anti-theft bar three curved keys And a double hook to lock both the brake Pedal and steering wheel rated level 10 For anti-theft protection the red-coated Steel pedal Hook is highly visible and Serves as a strong deterrent against Thieves adhesive foam pads protect the Steering wheel from scratches And here's something for those who have A couple of spare bucks in their pockets Carlock is more than just an anti-theft Device it's a car alarm a driving Monitor a virtual mechanic and a GPS Tracker in one body it sends alerts to Your phone whenever your car is moved The engine starts or any unusual Vibration is detected it'll even notify You if someone tries to disconnect the Device you can also use it to monitor

Your teenager's driving habits and get Alerts for Harsh acceleration hard Braking and sharp cornering Carlock acts As a virtual mechanic and sends you Alerts in advance if your car's battery Is low or if there's a high battery Drain its GPS tracker helps you keep Tabs on where your car's been making it An excellent tool for locating a stolen Car all of these features are available For only 9.60 cents per month making Carlock an excellent investment for Peace of mind while driving Well well well looks like it's time to Play the game of protecting your humble Abode level bolt Smart Lock is a stylish Secure digital lock that can operate With your mobile devices it boasts a Six-stage stainless steel gearbox Meeting the highest industry standards Ensuring the safety of your home Installations easy and adjustable to fit Most standard exterior doors the level App allows you to control the lock from Your phone share access with friends and Family monitor who comes and goes and Set it to lock and unlock automatically It's compatible with IOS and Android and Connects to Apple homekit the level bolt Also offers voice control through Homekit and geofencing Technology Allowing you to operate the lock from The app or automatically unlock when You're nearby

Nothing beats the classics the kyoto-led Book safe is a proven way to hide your Valuable items in plain sight it looks Like a real book so it'll blend in Perfectly with other books on your shelf And the best part is that it's made of Strong durable materials that'll last You a long time you can choose between a Combination lock or a key lock to keep Your items secure plus there's enough Space inside to store all kinds of stuff Like cash passports watches jewelry and More this safe is portable too so you Can use it indoors or Outdoors The problem of hidden cams has become Really dramatic in the last few years But now with this new Gadget you can Feel safe everywhere the G6 sport RF Detector is a must-have device for Anyone concerned about their privacy its Battery lasts for up to 30 hours making It ideal for use at home on business Trips and while traveling seven Sensitivity levels detect all types of Signal sources and the upgraded Optical And Laser lens provides accurate Detection of audio bugs voice recorders GPS tracking devices and hidden cameras Or you can hang this thing on the door And use it as an alarm thanks to the Pocketable size you can take this thing Everywhere you go spies are defeated This smart safe provides you with Fort Knox level of security no matter how far

You are from home aside from the regular Pin code it uses a much more reliable Fingerprint sensor the safe is spacious Enough for all your valuables featuring An optional shelf and two USB ports to Charge your devices there's a whole Tablet built into the door a 10 inch Touchscreen that clearly displays the Essential info and when you leave the Dedicated mobile app will notify you of Any suspicious actions although you can Grant access to four trusted people or Share a temporary code with your guests If someone moves the safe it'll trigger The motion sensors you can also set Temperature and humidity alerts in Addition you get a full HD live stream From two hidden cameras inside and Outside the safe the built-in microphone And speakers allow two-way talking with Everyone who opens the safe if something Goes wrong you can always activate the Lockdown mode and notify 9-1-1 right in The app the safe plugs into a regular Outlet via USBC and there's an Integrated backup battery in case of a Blackout but honestly the coolest part Is this Sleek design with customizable LED lighting Need a fast and easy way to track your Belongings give spy Tech GPS a try using 4G satellite technology it tracks Vehicles valuables and equipment so you Can receive location alerts quickly on

Your iOS or Android Device just put it Into the glove box or mount it under the Vehicle with the magnetic case the Reporting mode feature allows you to Customize the update frequency of your Tracker from every 5 seconds for Immediate visibility to once a day for Maximum battery life The Time Machine Feature lets you see the history of any Tracked asset including trips stops and Alerts with an active annual Subscription you'll get free 24 7 Support and a lifetime warranty on your GPS tracker What's the best way to keep your Valuables safe keep them right in front Of everyone nope not that way you better Put everything inside this portable safe It fits two or three wallets or phones Your sunglasses keys and so on so set a Code and lock the safe securely to your Beach chair or any other piece of Furniture Going on an adventure you need to Protect your valuables this vault-tec Safe uses a proprietary material that's Both lightweight and Incredibly sturdy Run over it it'll be just fine but it's Not just that the Dual compression Latches keep this thing tightly sealed Making it waterproof dust proof and Airtight and on the inside there's a Three-piece foam lining that's like a Safe and comfy bed for your items

Controls are easy you'll find a bunch of Touch sensitive buttons right on the Case which are backlit and easily Readable simply close the side latches And then press and hold the lock button To activate the safes mechanism if you Can't enter the code for some reason two Backup manual keys will help you out Turn on the anti-picking mode when you Need maximum security The app bot Riley is a smart robot that Offers a comprehensive approach to home Security if you don't find Smart locks Enough with Wi-Fi connectivity you can Access it from anywhere in the world and The robot can see hear and sense Movement providing you with a complete Picture of what's going on at your house If anything changes Riley will instantly Investigate and send you photos and Videos and you can communicate with it Using the two-way audio system at bot Riley has a powerful five megapixel Camera that guarantees crisp high Definition pictures and it even has Night vision capability the robot can Self-dock to charge itself when needed And get back up if it trips over Something making it a reliable and Convenient security solution for your Home Here's a dry fact laptops are stolen Every 53 seconds in the world and you Don't want to lose yours do you if

You're looking for a laptop lock that Fits perfectly with your device you Might want to check out the Kensington Laptop lock it uses click save Technology which means you can easily Attach the Locking anchor to the Computer's lock slot with one hand in a Single click the lock also comes with a Six foot long cut resistant carbon steel Cable that can be anchored to desks Tables or any fixed structure now your Laptop stays securely engaged just don't Forget the four digit PIN code when You're done working Here's another portable safe to keep Your valuables secure no matter where You go safe go is strong enough to Protect your wallet cash Keys phone Camera sunglasses and more while you're At the beach in your dorm on a cruise And so on the device is made from high Impact ABS plastic which is water salt And sand resistant making it perfect for Outdoor activities you can open the safe Using a key or a custom three-digit Combination lock that you can change as Often as you like safe go comes with a Heavy duty 17-inch adjustable cable that Can be used to lock the safe around Almost any fixed object Leaving your bike on the street often it Should be protected from potential Thieves the wsd cam waterproof bike Alarm is an effective anti-theft device

That can help deter thieves with its 113 Decibel loud alarm sound when triggered By vibration it has seven levels of Adjustable sensitivity ranging from Gentle Touch to push or beat and can be Armed and disarmed by remote other Features include a vehicle search Function three different ringtones for Vehicle search and a low battery Indicator the alarm runs on batteries so Change them in time it's easy to install With the strap through the holes or a Double-sided sticker finally when the Bike tilts more than 45 degrees the SOS Function automatically calls for help Did you know that your webcam can spy on You but don't worry there's an easy Solution just get yourself a webcam Cover no more ugly stickers or Post-it Notes needed one of the best things About the Spy slide is that it's super Thin which means it won't interfere with Closing or folding your laptop plus the Spy slide is compatible with all your Devices as long as the surface around Your webcam is flat now you're safe Here's something cool for your Nintendo Switch this Compact Carry bag frees up Your hands and features a quick release Clip providing impressive protection it Guards your Gadget with an ultra tough High density Eva molded front shield and Its magnetic pocket ensures no zipper Can damage your device aside from the

Console the bag is spacious enough to Fit a power bank all the cables and even A removable Center divider with 12 game Cartridges you have to take a lot of Things with you the Cyber backpack Backpack is made of really sturdy and Water resistant material so you don't Have to worry about your gear getting Wet or damaged the main compartment is Really roomy and has a special padded Sleeve for your 16-inch laptop plus Loads of pockets to keep everything in Order and if you need to get to Something quickly there's a handy Zippered pocket at the front plus There's a special USB charging port and Power bank so you can charge your Devices while you're out and about Looking for a way to keep your stuff Safe check out this cool lock that can Keep your stuff secure at school gym Home garage or wherever you go you don't Even need a key because you can open it With your fingerprint it can even Remember up to 10 fingerprints so you Can share the secret with your family And friends but yeah there's a Traditional set of keys for Peace of Mind finally it's made of tough Die Cast Zinc and hardened steel and you can Charge it with a USB one full charge Lasts 6 months

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