20 Gadgets That Give You Real SUPERPOWERS

Work work work it's time to look through Some of the most Innovative gadgets Available today that can make your work Life easier and more productive than Ever before from back support systems to Exoskeletons they can help you overcome Physical limitations boost your Efficiency and reduce your risk of Injury whether you're a busy Professional or just someone who needs a Little extra help these gadgets will Make your work life way more enjoyable Do you need a safer more comfortable and Efficient way to work at elevated Heights these traditional style stilts Have been modernized with Advanced Features such as a magnesium stilt body And Key and Lock single-sided poles that Won't twist the S1 stilts also offer a Personalized fit with adjustable still Tight side pole calf height and Positioning footbed length forward and Backward lean tension and strap Positioning the wraparound leg bands are Made of durable nylon and flex with your Movement for ultimate Comfort while the Patented interlock safety system and Non-slip sure Pro super grip soles Provide excellent safety feature you say You need something to run faster at Elevated Heights bionic boots are Designed with spear gun Springs that Store energy in each stride and release You with longer stride length and better

Energy recoil as a result you move Faster just don't forget to adjust the Bands according to your activity jogging Or sprinting Well my legs are totally fine now but What about my head and neck the paxo Neck is a super cool neck support That'll make your overhead work so much Easier it's designed to relieve strain On your neck and cervical spine while You're working above your head let's say Installing a ceiling or doing a visual Inspection you can fully customize it to Fit your body and make it as comfy as Possible plus you can combine it with The Autobox shoulder for even more Support the paxo neck is light and feels Like a dream to wear it just kind of Rests on your head and follows your Movements finally it's really easy to Put on and take off so you don't have to Worry about any awkward struggle Here's another way to make sure you're Safe Evo is a new upper body lifting Exoskeleton designed to reduce fatigue Increase productivity and prevent work Related injuries to the neck shoulders And back EXO has conducted extensive Research on ergonomics over the last Three years to create a passive Exoskeleton that can make a single Person feel like Iron Man with increased Strength stamina and protection without Any additional stress or muscle fatigue

Once this thing is on it gives you Support with up to 15 pounds of lift Assist per arm the harness fits securely On the upper extremities has minimal Touch points and provides large armholes For a full range of motion in joints and Supportive muscle activity finally it Takes seconds to put on Not bad but what if you need to perform More complicated tasks or have recently Undergone surgery meet Apex your extra Set of back muscles elastic bands Connect to backpack to the thighs and Stretches your muscles extend then Recoil to assist with every lifting Motion it's simple doesn't require Motors or batteries and moves with the User to reduce spinal muscle and disc Forces when bending or squatting for a Practical and worthwhile investment in Your Workforce you need assistance Comfort and freedom of movement and the Apex delivers on all three here's a Similar product worth checking out the Crates is a rugged waterproof AI Wearable tool that provides support for Lifting and walking with up to 66 pounds Of lifting compensation as the wearer Moves the system intelligently collects Data to enhance safety Effectiveness all That you can see in the app that's what I call Active support This new exoskeleton called Guardian EXO Will save you the money you pay for the

Massage no matter your physical Capacities with this thing you'll be Able to lift and move large objects Easily up to 200 pounds according to the Developer lifting a weight of 200 pounds Will seem to the user is nine pounds It's actually designed for industrial Workers in the Army because for these Guys the human body is Never Enough the Guardian's incredibly easy to use it Takes just 30 seconds to put it on and Off thanks to the onboard swappable Battery you can move around comfortably Just like Iron Man you can even use your Own hands while the suit's holding Something heavy I guess this is a Must-have You have to take risks to perform the Task no way let the guardian GT robot do That for you it's ideal for Industries Like nuclear power construction and Manufacturing as well as First Responders and Disaster Recovery teams With a maximum lifting capacity of 990 Pounds and seven degrees of freedom in Each arm the guardian GT robot can Handle even the heaviest loads with ease Plus it's compatible with cots and can Reach over four feet in front of the Platform the cool thing is that it's all Under your control so you always know What's going to happen here's another Robot from the same manufacturer the Guardian XT robot can work in dangerous

And complicated industrial environments You control it using the sensu wearable Controller which lets you control the Robotic arms and tools while keeping an Eye on everything around you Guardian Can be mounted on different mobile and Lift platforms and is perfect for indoor Or outdoor use the robot's battery Operated so it's super portable and can Lift up to 200 pounds with 2R There are some jobs that require Climbing to a height modern Technologies Are finally making that possible for Everyone without any ladders it took Years of research and numerous Prototypes to finally make this flying Suit possible it's equipped with a Powerful 1050 horsepower motor that Delivers 120 000 rotations per minute Gas turbines on the hands weigh less Than five pounds each combined with the Engine on the back you'll be able to fly Just like Tony Stark the whole suit Weighs about 50 pounds as for the fuel It uses jet A1 or diesel of course there Are still some major issues that need to Be solved the flight time today is Limited to 5 to 10 minutes but the Current speed record is already really Impressive 84 miles an hour can't wait To try this out Your back hurts already that sucks try The spinal armor back support system Starter pack to relieve back pain the

System includes a patented smart system Technology that helps you stay active And build core muscle strength which can Speed up the healing process made from High quality breathable materials this Device is designed to keep your skin dry And comfortable even during long periods Of physical activity or sitting speaking Of that if you suffer from back pain due To poor posture or inadequate chair Support anywhere seat can help the Seat's easy to install it places you in The correct position through a front Rod That pushes your shoulders and a cushion That supports your back the seat also Includes a dynamic armrest that supports Your arms during typing sessions with Real-time monitoring and feedback Anywhere helps you build good posture And a healthy sitting habit Do you have to move a lot throughout the Day so your legs and knees ache Rome Robotics a San francisco-based company Has developed a wearable robot that can Help relieve knee pain and improve Mobility the technology uses pneumatics Instead of electromechanical or Hydraulic powered exoskeletons enabling The system to be more flexible Lightweight and cost effective yeah it Looks more like a backpack and a couple Of sticks on your legs the device also Features Advanced sensors a lightweight Frame and the SmartPak controller that

Runs proprietary algorithms to recognize User intent and direct the device SmartPak also includes manual controls An air compressor and the power source The device can run for one to three Hours of continuous use and has already Undergone a clinical study of knee Osteoarthritis participants with results Showing an average of 46 percent pain Reduction and 67 percent functional Improvement Don't tell me that crazy thing is a seat Well it actually is designed to fit People between five and seven feet tall Chairless chair is lightweight and Comfortable to sit on the device Utilizes a variable damper to support The wearer's body weight allowing Workers who stand for long periods to Sit whenever they want without carrying A stool or folding chair the exoskeleton Attaches to the heels of the wearer's Shoes thighs via straps and waist using A belt the manufacturer also claims that Sitting on the device helps to Strengthen back and thigh muscles will You check that out Working in high risk and complex Environments where x-craft then powered By Ai and AR technology this Cutting Edge AR headband allows Frontline Workers to automatically update Information and increase efficiency it's Compatible with safety helmets and hard

Hats and can attach various accessories And peripheral devices such as an Industrial endoscope or infrared sensor Modules to expand its functionality the Display is impressive with a 40 degree Field of view and waveguide Optics Technology that enables see-through Display and high contrast ratio the Battery life can last up to 8 hours and The HD cam with dual Main and sub Cameras allow you to record 1080p videos More than enough for a whole day Those who use ladders a lot know how Unstable they are even with someone Holding the base ladder safety rails Boasts a breakthrough design that Significantly improves user confidence Making it easier to enter an exit a roof With its patented handrail system this Is an adjustable ladder stabilizer that Installs easily and fits all standard Extension ladders and requires no tools To set up its compact design allows for Easy transportation and its lightweight Construction adds minimal weight to the Ladder the accessory is durable and Provides years of safe reliable service Here's something truly impressive two Exoskeletons that'll blow your mind Let's start with the arrive which is Nine feet tall it offers unique Functions and new techniques that expand The range and function of human Movements it uses mirror technology to

Replicate human movements and a link Mechanism synchronizes human movements With those of the robot exoskeleton Mechatronics technology makes more Precise movements of the fingers Allowing robots to perform more complex Functions and this giant called Exosapien weighs 9 000 pounds and can Actually flip cars when you get strapped In you quickly discover just how Difficult it is to control the robot Your hands grip metal handles your feet Are locked into cycling shoes and your Chest is pressed against a padded bar But after tapping Cowboy mode on the Tablet the motors were to life in the 18 Foot tall nine thousand pound exosuit is Yours to control so what can it do Anything you want this mech suit can Scale Hills cross rivers and even flip Cars Pilots control the suits for Identical limbs with their own arms and Legs but it takes good body awareness And Rhythm to master How to work at a car service with so Many broken cars and you're not a Hulk This Compact and easy to use electric Car Pusher may come in handy whenever You need to move a car from one place to Another The Pusher helps to tilt the Vehicle back and forward move it to the Service to have the car repaired or Relocate the vehicle whenever you need This little hard worker has a 36 volt

Three battery system under the hood and Can be charged via a standard AC outlet The device was designed to move Vehicles Up to 50 000 pounds which means it can Easily handle trucks RVs trailers and Even buses no matter what happens this Pusher will get you out of the woods Back to the light Okay all the devices above are used to Assist the human but what if you don't Have a hand for some reason here's a Great example of how technology is Developed recently the arm is shaped Specifically for every person using 3D Scanning the prosthesis is equipped with A comfortable and adjustable socket that Makes it easy to put on and off it Supports six different grips suitable For various use cases also the user gets Really natural and intuitive feedback Thanks to the haptic vibrations beepers And lights all the movements like either Dropping a cube of sugar into a coffee Cup or petting a dog will be smooth and Natural as for the strength this hand Can lift up to 17.64 pounds it's light Comfortable breathable and suitable even For children over eight another cool Feature is the swappable custom covers For instance this one's inspired by the Metal gear solid game and there are also Plenty of different designs for Star Wars and Marvel fan from now on your Limb difference is your superpower

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