21 Most Unusual Vehicles Ever Made

Get ready to take a ride on the wild Side as we explore the world of bizarre Vehicles these unique inventions will Challenge your perception of what a Vehicle should look like Today a bicycle is a fairly common means Of transportation but it's still a big Problem to find a place to park it Although this one may seem like a bike That cannot be ridden quiggle Riders can Easily mount it and ride with perfect Posture the bike has a low down tube Small 12-inch wheels and an adjustable Seat that's connected to a flexible arm Instead of a seat post despite the look It can handle up to 220 pounds of weight And when you arrive at your destination Point just fold it quiggle is one of the Smallest folding bikes in the world at 22 by 15 by 10 inches the inventor of Quiggle Carson Batten believes that the Bike's ergonomic design enables Riders To travel long distances with ease he Himself has ridden the quiggle on a 186 Mile trip in the Netherlands and a Nine Mile ride through the Alps so I think It's proof that this vehicle is reliable As for the price the bike costs about Eighteen hundred dollars Looking for a wild ride the drift trike Gang bat Drifter is a game changer you Can get starting from twenty one hundred Fifty dollars this trike packs a punch With a six and a half horsepower engine

That can reach speeds of up to 45 miles Per hour the air-cooled cooling system And smooth shaft transmission provide a Comfortable drifting experience the fat Drifter is a style statement in itself With its front 26 inch wheel and rear Go-kart tires giving you an unmatched Drifting experience so go ahead and Indulge in a thrilling ride but make Sure to drift responsibly This thing looks like a child's first Attempt to draw a car that was brought To life by some crazy Enthusiast I'll Give you some time to bring peace to Your mind because this is actually a Scooter the scooter pack cabin car is Perfect for people who can't drive a car Anymore or need a reliable way to get Around but yeah it looks like a mini car Where you have some of your own little Space okay I don't know why the Manufacturer calls this thing a scooter Since there's a reversing camera a cabin Heater and even a windscreen wiper maybe It's because of the speed that can go up To eight miles per hour in case the Basic package isn't enough for you Upgrade it with some optional features Like a cool air system for hot summer Days a seat belt custom paint colors and An alarm system the starting price is About fifteen thousand dollars here's Another concept of a so-called scooter From Peugeot to make it even more

Eye-catching Peugeot filled it up with a Bunch of brightly colored plastic balls Unfortunately or luckily this vehicle Didn't make it to the production point This vehicle looks so similar to the Iconic Mercedes w125 from 1937 but it's Not a car it's a velovie so keep calm And start pedaling that thing reminds me Of something in case you want to add Some extra power to your ride the Pedelec drive option will have you Cruising up inclines with ease make sure You look great a lot of attention is Guaranteed and find fifty five hundred Dollars Some people may wonder why we need cargo Bikes the thing is it's a great Alternative to the polluting small vans That you see in the city center plus It's perfect for making deliveries on The Last Mile take a look at this babo Pro trike it's super stable with two Front wheels and easy to balance and That's actually a very important feature Since that transport box boasts an Insane volume of 238 gallons and can Carry up to 220 pounds a powerful 500 Watt hour battery can be charged in just Four to six hours and you can remove it From the transport box for easy charging You can expect to travel 30 to 45 miles On a single charge all you need is about Seven thousand dollars Oh my this is a tribute to the iconic

Ford Model T from the 1920s despite the Vintage look the Gatsby X has all the Modern features you need for a smooth Ride with a weight capacity of up to 440 Pounds and a range of up to 31 miles This scooter can take you anywhere you Need to go plus it can reach speeds of Up to 10 miles per hour so you can zoom Around in style be comfortable Adjustable swivel seat makes it easy to Get in and out of the scooter and the Lockable storage compartment keeps your Valuables secure when on the road use Turn signals brake lights and hazard Lights to stay visible and predictable And it's not that pricey compared to the Previous scooter about forty eight Hundred dollars Really a four-wheeled scooter don't jump To conclusions this is actually a hyper Scooter called dragonfly despite its Massive look this guy weighs less than 40 pounds and flies at 25 miles per hour Thanks to the powerful battery and dual Motors pretty unexpected huh the Manufacturer claims this way the scooter Will cover up to 50 miles the vehicle Also boasts four-wheel steering along With a dual adjustable Wishbone Suspension for stiffness can your Scooter ride off-road this one can There's also a three and a half inch Digital display that shows current speed Trip range ride mode light status and

Battery the scooter can be connected to Smartphones via an app and has twin Headlights front and rear LED pulsing Turn signals and a brake light you can Pre-order this cutie for four thousand Dollars but if you're still not Impressed there's a concept of a Boomerang shaped scooter that you can Confuse with a bike that's insane Meet Cleveland one an autonomous robot Carrier that'll transform the Way Businesses transport their goods from Groceries to appliances thanks to its Lightweight and electric design Cleavon 1 is five times more efficient than Traditional delivery vehicles and with Its Advanced sensor suite and State-of-the-art tele operation Technology the robot can be monitored And controlled remotely reducing the Need for a dedicated driver and Resolving driver shortages you just need To choose how you want to deliver your Goods leave them as they are or put them In a cargo box or partial Locker Don't even think this thing over here is Just a toy for adults because it's way More powerful than those car looking Like scooters I've shown you before with A custom color powder coated nearly Indestructible frame fabricated neck and Newest 900 watt motor with custom ECU Speed controller this cart is the Definition of power and performance the

48 volt lithium battery provides long Ride times of up to 120 plus minutes and The taxi garage knobby air tire and Casters ensure maximum grip and control With a top speed of 26 plus miles per Hour this car's a beast that'll leave You breathless same goes for the price About four thousand dollars Is it possible to walk at a run speed Yes it is if you have these shoes on Moonwalkers use machine learning Algorithms to move when you move and Stop when you stop the manufacturer Claims these are the world's fastest Shoes since they boost walk speed by up To 250 percent helping you cover up to Six miles on one charge powered by a Brushless DC motor eight polyurethane Wheels work together with the gearbox to Climb over uneven terrain need to go up The stairs no problem a quick gesture Will set the shoes into a lock mode you Can get your moonwalkers for fourteen Hundred dollars That scooter looks serious just take a Look at its Wheels was it designed to Take part in Monster Jam well no but the Blaster City Coco one still looks Impressive with its large wheels and Self-balancing Technology this scooter Is stable as hell the motor must be Monstrous to make this thing move yes And no it is powerful with 1200 watts And 1500 watts Peak power but the frame

Is made of aluminum which means the Scooter is lightweight and you don't Waste much power the Blaster one can Ride up to 38 miles on one full charge And it's extremely easy to start with a Magnetic card it'll cost you about Thirty three hundred dollars Maybe it's time to stop being surprised That scooters are being upgraded beyond Recognition this one for example doubles As a suitcase the air wheel is Lightweight and can easily switch Between being a ride-on scooter or a Pull behind suitcase with just a push of A button yeah dude I feel the same plus It's got a rechargeable battery that's Perfect for packing and meets Airline Carry-on requirements need to juice up Your phone there's a high-speed USB Output port on the outside as for Security the TSA custom combination lock Will keep your stuff safe the air wheel Can carry up to 265 pounds with a top Speed of 8 miles per hour the suitcase Will cost you about a thousand dollars Aha another scooter that looks like a Car unlike previous Vehicles nilo can Fit up to two people and comes equipped With front and rear seat belts for Safety the weatherproof cabin is made of Plastic and features a digital Speedometer with a reversing camera for Added convenience the manufacturer says It's super easy to drive plus it's

Designed to be inclusive with adjustable Seats and features that cater to people With Mobility restrictions the nilo has A powerful lead gel battery that can get You up to 35 to 45 miles on a single Charge the top speed is about 28 miles Per hour you can Juice It Up at any Standard household socket and it only Takes six to eight hours to fully charge There are only two questions left does a Driver need a driver's license for this Scooter and where to find about seven Thousand dollars A car finally it's a car although the Mercedes-Benz eqs looks ordinary from The outside it's the interior and the Specs that'll impress you this electric Car is packed with cool features like a Hyper screen touchscreen which is huge Fingerprint based driver profiles and Six USBC ports yeah this guy just closed The door with a gesture under the hood The car has a total output of 516 Horsepower and 611 pound-feet of torque And it can go from 0 to 60 in under 4 Seconds the lithium-ion battery pack has A capacity of 107.8 kilowatt hours which Gives you almost 340 miles of range the Starting price is about a hundred and Four thousand dollars for those who want To show off Mercedes has a concept Called avtr which was inspired by the Avatar movies check this out when you Put your hand on the Mercedes-Benz

Vision avtr control unit the interior Comes to life and the car recognizes the Driver by heartbeat and breathing There's more the car communicates with The driver without the help of Voice or Commands but based on your feelings and User experience and that look Do you enjoy watching F1 this race car Will completely change the idea of Racing why take a look over here see it Has no headlights no track lights and Doesn't even have a driver it's fully Autonomous it runs on algorithms and Uses laser scanners and GPS sensors to Drive so to sum it up the software makes All the decisions on how to move and at Which speed to raise speaking of that it Can run at 100 miles per hour and its Starting price is about 1 million Dollars I'm speechless Have you ever had to ride a unicycle Off-road gyro row s22 brings you full Control over your writing experience the Built-in powerful motor delivers up to 44 miles per hour speed and conquers any Kind of Hill up to 40 degrees what's Cool you can customize pretty much Everything here adjust the large spiked Pedals Slide the built-in top and bottom Power pads into the perfect position and Even relax yourself on the built-in Cushion seat if you feel you need some Rest the built-in display will provide You with all the essential info on the

Way finally charge the vehicle for four To five hours to cover 125 miles range That's impressive the price is Impressive too almost four thousand Dollars You say tricycle scooters are for Toddlers power Wing light show features Angled rear wheels that allow for crazy Slides and Spins the hand-operated front Fender brake and foam handlebar grips Provide comfort and improve control Making it easy to stop and go with its Unique side to side movement and Dazzling light show this thing is the Ultimate choice for anyone looking for An unforgettable riding experience for a Reasonable price about a hundred and ten Dollars Another Courier robot yep the Australian Robotics company has developed the Blanc Robot platform which provides a Lightweight software controlled robotic Base for each vehicle with a range of PODS that can attach to the platform to Suit specific purposes aev's vehicles Are both autonomous and self-charging Thanks to solar panels embedded in the Roof and the lightweight platform is Highly energy efficient each vehicle can Generate up to 30 to 50 percent of its Energy requirements from the Sun making Them a big step forward in the use of Renewables for transport the current Range of vehicles is best suited for

Short trips around industrial Estates And urban areas but the potential uses Are vast

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