22 Coolest Electric Vehicles You Must See

It's time to rev up your engines and Buckle up for a wild ride through the Latest and greatest Concepts in the World of vehicles from bikes that look Like they're straight out of a sci-fi Movie to cars that would make even James Bond jealous several mind-blowing flying Machines are also included in the list Have you heard of the new Peugeot Inception concept it's a sick electric Car that's supposed to be the future of The brand it's got a dope new design Inside and out with this hyper Square Control system that uses steer by wire Technology and the next gen Peugeot eye Cockpit the Inception concept is Supposed to set the tone for peugeot's Future cars and they're planning on Bringing most of its features to their Production cars by 2025. the design Language is more streamlined and Minimalistic with a new light signature That merges with the front grille to Make one smooth object that houses the Sensors one of the coolest things about The Inception concept is the tech bar That runs horizontally through the door Layer it uses artificial intelligence to Recognize the driver and set up their Preferred settings for seat posture Temperature driving mode and multimedia Preferences it also displays the battery Charge level and has a bunch of sensors And Radars making the body work super

Smooth don't ask me how to sit on those Seats I don't know I haven't tried this Electric car is powered by a 100 Kilowatt hour battery and can go up to 497 miles on a single charge it's got Two electric motors that produce almost 680 horsepower so it can go from 0 to 62 Miles per hour in less than three Seconds plus it's got 800 volt Technology that lets you add almost 100 Miles of range in just five minutes and It can charge wirelessly too so yeah It's pretty damn impressive Humans and cars are a special kind of Emotional relationship and it's getting Deeper the BMW i Vision D adapts to the Driver's habits and suggests Destinations to navigate to or Entertainment programs and provides Information news calendar entries or Social media posts wait a minute has the Car just changed color yep it's the World's first full color version of the E-ink technology the BMW i Vision D is Able to display up to 32 different Colors but let's get back to the tech Part as soon as you settle in the Driver's seat you enter a new world this Is achieved first and foremost by the BMW mixed reality slider and the Advanced BMW head up display the slider Displays content in five different Levels ranging from analog to driving Related information to the contents of

The communication systems to augmented Reality projection right up into entry Into Virtual Worlds the vision vehicle Is emotionally intelligent it interacts With its environment the vehicle uses Its numerous sensors to register the Identity and position of the person and Reacts when they approach headlights in The closed BMW kidney Grille form a Uniform surface that stages a multimedia Welcoming scenario of light graphics and Sounds including nine different facial Expressions it has many emotions ranging From Joy and approval to Amazement Let's add some passion and exclusivity To this car set my mouth is watering as I look at the new hyper Carmen balloon Only five of these stunning cars will be Made and you'll need more than 1.5 Million dollars to get your hands on one But let's talk specs because this car is A monster it can hit a top speed of 180 Miles per hour and go from 0 to 60 and Under 2.6 seconds and when fully charged It can travel about 250 miles that's Some serious range right there the car Is built on a carbon fiber monocoque Chassis and it's 100 electric the Bodywork is made of carbon fiber that's Left unpainted and has a slick gloss Finish it also boasts some sweet copper Colored accents on the front grill Wing Edging window surrounds side cells Mirrors and logos the 20-inch wheels are

Black with copper touches that really Make them pop and who said these cars Won't withstand snow screw you It's time to check out the new Mercedes-Benz Vision eqxx concept car It's a total showcase car of sick Achievements in aerodynamics Battery Tech and composite materials on a single Charge this electric sedan can drive About 620 miles the battery is about 30 Percent lighter than the eqs even though It's got about the same capacity now Let's take a closer look as I've just Said the aerodynamics of this car is Taken to a whole new level and now it's Got a record coefficient of air Resistance only 0.17 division eqxx has a 900 volt battery with a passive Thermoregulation system that provides a Power reserve of 620 miles the car also Has 117 solar cells built into the roof Which can give an additional 15 miles on A clear day gosh I can't take my eyes Off that beauty Let's be real there just aren't many Flying electric boats in the world but Even if there were the Candela C8 would Undoubtedly be at the top of the list For premium models now let me give you a Quick overview of the Candela it's a Top-notch electric boat that's super Energy efficient how's that possible by Using hydro foils that let the boat fly Which means it needs a smaller battery

To go further than other electric boats Let's talk about tech the C8 uses Candela's new c-pod motor which is an Engineering Marvel it has a pair of Electric motors that power two Propellers and deliver a total of 50 Kilowatts of power and get this it's Underwater which makes it super quiet The C8 also has an enclosed cabin that's Big enough for two adults to sleep in or Four people to hang out in comfortably Plus it's got advanced technology like Route following and autonomous flying Modes kind of like Tesla autopilot but For a boat that can fly what's even Cooler is that Candela designs both the Hardware and Control software so even if You don't have any professional boating Experience you'll be flying the C8 like A pro within two minutes of leaving the Dock Heavy duty construction Machinery Producer caterpillar has built an Electric version of their ginormous 2650 Horsepower mining truck which is Seriously impressive it's called the 793 Electric and it's aimed at helping the Mining industry be more environmentally Friendly this thing is a beach with its Huge size and electric power it's so Advanced that it may work autonomously Yeah you heard me right you can sit back And let this baby do all the work thanks To its built-in lidar Radars and cams

But don't worry there are two joysticks Just in case you need to take control Even when the Truck Works 1750 miles Away from you and let's talk about Performance there was a live Demonstration in Arizona on a 4.3 mile Course the truck was fully loaded and Achieved a top speed of 37 miles per Hour which is seriously impressive it Even drove half a mile up a 10 grade at 7.5 miles per hour and went down a 10 Grade while capturing the energy that Would normally be lost to heat and Regenerating that energy to the battery Overall this electric mining truck is a Game changer for the industry and shows That sustainable operations are possible Based in Finland Verge motorcycles is Ramping up to start production of one of The most unique bikes to hit the market It's called the TS it's a Superbike and It's got a design that's out of this World with specs that make other bikes Whether they're gas or electric super Jealous so what's the deal with this Bike well it's got a hubless rear wheel Which is just nuts the electric motors Located in the wheel Rim so there's no Need for a belt or chain drive and that Means there's more room in the frame for A bigger battery pack Verge claims this Baby can go from zero to 60 miles per Hour in under three seconds has a top Speed of 125 miles per hour and boasts

An insane 885 foot-pounds of torque That's like something out of a superhero Movie The Range is pretty impressive too With 124 miles on the highway and 186 Miles in the city and charging is a Breeze with just four hours using the Onboard unit or 50 minutes with a fast Charger overall The Verge TS is one of The coolest Superbikes out there and It's made for Riders who want a Seriously unique ride Here's another bike worth checking out DaVinci dc100 is one of the baddest Machines out there when it comes to Bikes with a capacity of up to 60 cubic Inches and it's powered solely by a Battery and an electric motor it may not Roar like a traditional motorcycle but It sure can evoke just as much emotion This electric bike packs a serious punch With 134 horsepower and a whopping 850 Newton meters of torque that means it Can hit 60 miles per hour in about three Seconds and has a max speed of 125 miles Per hour the battery gives it a range of 249 miles plus it only takes 30 minutes To fully charge up with a quick DC Charger but that's not all the DaVinci Dc100 is seriously high tech you can Monitor all the data in the app on your Phone and all that data helps optimize The bike's performance in any condition We've got electric bikes electric Motorcycles electric trucks and electric

Sedans but this world's missing an Electric pickup and RAM has filled that Gap the concept looks super slick for The stretch wheelbase and a slick Windshield that swept back the front end Has a blacked out look with an Illuminated Ram badge and some sweet LED Headlights with a tuning fork design There's also a beefy skid plate hiding Some tow hooks in the tail lights and RAM badge on the tailgate are also made Up of LEDs you've also got a powered Front charge port flush door handles Side steps and a rear step but wait There's more the tailgate can open Outwards like barn doors to extend the Bed and the interior is loaded with tag You've got a 360 degree camera system an AI powered voice activated assistant and Augmented reality in the head up display The steering wheel even has small Screens built in and the glass roof has Electrochromatic panels that can adjust Their opacity the 1500 revolutionary Also has a shadow mode where the truck Autonomously follows the driver making Short trips around a job site a breeze And if that's not enough there are Different cabin modes that allow you to Adjust seating positions ambient Lighting window opacity suspension and More with just one button pressed Light year zero reinvents the wheel when It comes to energy consumption range

Capability and charging it's built like No other electric car charging on the go And gaining up to 45 miles of range per Day from the Sun alone the optimized Solar roof and holistic design mean that The car can drive for weeks even months Without charging and cloudy climates Based on the average commute of around 22 miles per day you can drive for up to Two months before you need to think About charging in some of your countries That could be up to seven months and With this Tech you can charge up Anywhere in the world just plug it into Any power outlet even with a basic home Socket light year zero can still charge 20 miles of range per hour well but what If I won let's say an off-road weekend No worries with 125 gallons of trunk Space and ground clearance of 7.2 inches This rides perfect for exploring Off-road and finding those hidden gems Here's another model worth mentioning it Looks more like a golf cart though Anyway squad's a solar electric city car That seats two people and charges both Via the Sun and via the battery it can Charge up to 19 miles via its rooftop Solar panel and 62 miles via its four Battery packs the fastest it can go is 28 miles per hour because of its Classification as a low speed Vehicle Drivers don't need a license to operate It in most countries it's only 6.6 feet

Long so three of the vehicles can fit Into the average parking space it can Comfortably fit a laptop on its Dashboard and has a storage area in the Back that can be extended by folding in The passenger seat A ghost is driving a car not quite the Waymo Jaguar i-pace is a self-driving Car that uses advanced technology to Navigate city streets equipped with Lidar cams and Radars this car can scan Up to three football fields in any Direction and detect sounds from Emergency vehicles its AI system Processes this data and calculates the Safest and most efficient route in real Time while also learning from new Scenarios to improve its decision-making Capabilities the technology behind this Autonomous vehicle is truly impressive The system can predict the future Behavior of other agents in the scene And respond accordingly making it a Reliable and safe way to get around it's Clear that self-driving cars like this Will play a significant role in the Future of Transportation offering a safe And convenient option for people to get Around What's so special about lucid air it Looks pretty much just like any other Top-notch car the truth is if the Grand Touring performance model can go from 0 To 60 in just 2.6 seconds or it can

Cruise for 516 miles before needing a Charge which is more than any other Electric car out there the new Sapphire Model is even faster with acclaimed 0-60 Time of under two seconds the Lucid air Looks great on the outside and has Plenty of room inside also most of the Car's controls are on display screens Throughout the cabin which is a reminder That this company comes from Silicon Valley the software interface is still a Work in progress but overall the Lucid Air is definitely worth checking out If you're into luxury cars with all the Latest tech then you gotta check out the Mercedes-Benz eqs this electric car is Packed with cool features like hyper Screen touchscreen which is huge Fingerprint based driver profiles and Six USBC ports plus the interior is Super spacious and decked out with fancy Materials comfy headrest pillows massage Functions and even neck and shoulder Heating yeah this guy has just closed The door with a gesture under the hood The car has a total output of 516 Horsepower and 611 pound-feet of torque And it can go from 0 to 60 inches 3.7 Seconds the lithium-ion battery pack has A capacity of 107.8 kilowatt hours which Gives you about 340 miles of range and If you need to charge it up you can do It in about 11 hours and 15 minutes Using a 240 volt charger or get up to 70

Percent charge in just 35 minutes with a DC fast charger all in all the Mercedes-Benz eqs is definitely a car to Consider if you want the best of the Best and luxury intact BMW has launched the i7 its Flagship Luxury sedan powered solely by Electricity developed in conjunction With the next gen 7 Series the i7 offers The same level of luxury as the Gasoline-powered model but with two Electric motors and battery pack the XDrive 60 version offers all-wheel drive An estimated 300 miles of range and a 101 kilowatt hour battery pack capable Of adding 80 miles of driving range in Just 10 minutes on a DC fast charging Connection the i7 styling is more Conservative with a distinctive Front-end design featuring unusually Large Grille intakes and split element Headlamps the car's interior is spacious Luxurious and upscale with fine Materials lining every square inch of The cabin buyers who opt for the Executive Lounge package can enjoy power Adjustable reclining seats a Wireless Smartphone charging pad and extra plush Headrest for rear seat passengers and Even an enormous theater screen for rear Passengers the i7 also comes with a host Of Technology features and is Surprisingly agile for a large sedan With brisk acceleration and a smooth

Hushed ride Electric bikes have been around for a While but okai's eb-50 has something Unique to offer this e-bike has a Thousand watt motor can go up to 20 Miles per hour which is considered a Class 2 e-bike in the US this means it's Limited to a top speed of 20 miles per Hour and its Motors actually rated at 750 watts to comply with the rules but Here's the exciting part there's a new Update for the Yokai app that pairs with The bike and it lets you unlock the top Speed to a higher 28 miles per hour some Users are even getting speeds of up to 31 miles per hour with a fully charged Battery the update also lets you hit the New high speed on throttle only Operation so you don't have to Pedal to Go above 20 miles per hour on top of all That the Yokai app is pretty sweet you Can use it to adjust the bike's Performance with over-the-air updates The eb50 also comes with an NFC enabled Key card to lock and unlock the e-bike Or you can just use the app over Bluetooth to avoid carrying a key card That strange looking suitcase is called Tatamel bike and it's actually a Versatile electric bike that can Transform into a personal Transportation Device with dual suspension and 10 inch Tires it weighs 110 pounds and can go up To 25 miles per hour for around 18 miles

But it's not just a bike it's like an Electric multi-tool that can transform Into a little desk when needed the side Panels are customizable and you can Choose different materials like wood or Leather the bikes also have power source That can charge any device with a USBC Port and it only takes three hours to Fully charge when plugged into any wall Outlet you can increase the battery size For more power but that'll make it Heavier icoma the company that produces The bike has plans to add attachable Solar panels to turn it into a power Station in case of blackouts or Disasters how cool would that be Another car that changes its color yep The id.7 is Volkswagen's new midsize Electric sedan that's expected to hit The market in 2024. based on the Id.arrow concept it's designed to be Sleek and aerodynamic while offering Both front and all-wheel drive electric Powertrains its driving range is more Than 275 miles per charge the sedan Comes standard with a large 15-inch Infotainment touchscreen and a head-up Display capable of projecting navigation Instructions and key vehicle info but Yes this car is mostly about the color VW says it has at least 40 layers with a Mix of conductive and insulating layers Among those the paint separated into 22 Areas and all but the top layer is

Electrified creating illuminated Sections that can even be synced up to Music the company also Incorporated QR Codes into the design directing people Who scan them to a VW website Sony and Honda have joined forces to Create a new electric car brand called Aphila the brand aims to position itself As a mobility and tech company and plans To bring its concept to Market in 2025. The manufacturers aren't giving too many Tech details what I do know is it'll Have all-wheel drive and it'll have two Electric motors the car will be 16 feet In length at almost six and a half feet Wide the 21 inch wheels come with cool Aerodynamic hubcaps unfortunately There's no word yet on battery capacity Or range the afila interior features a Front panel cut like previous Sony Prototypes with plenty of screens Including outer displays for the side Cameras and a pair of tablets in the Back for rear passengers the multimedia System comes with 5G connectivity and Over-the-air software updates the afila Is packed with 45 sensors cameras and Other high-tech features it's designed To meet level 3 autonomy and data is Processed by a Qualcomm processor Capable of Performing 800 trillion Operations per second That car reminds me of something DeLorean DMC 12 is that you you're right

That's the new DeLorean Alpha 5 which is A total departure from the iconic DeLorean DMC 12. the only things that Connect the two are the Gullwing doors Classic rear louvers and three layered Tail lights the alpha 5 is supposed to Have a range of 300 miles go from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds and hit a top Speed of about 155 miles per hour pretty Impressive they're only making 88 of Them though so if you want one you Better act fast Check out the super cool and modern Lilium jet this luxury seven seater is Perfect for a comfortable ride with one Pilot and room for six passengers in the Cabin lilium jet is expected to reach Some amazing Heights with a cruise speed Of 175 miles per hour and a range of 155 Plus miles at a cruise altitude of 10 000 feet with 36 ducted electric Vectored thrust fans on the Canard Wings This plane is designed for maximum Efficiency the fans are super quiet due To their electric ducted nature and Acoustic liners that help capture and Dissipate noise before it gets too loud The wings have ailerons to help further Increase the efficiency while the cabin Windows are larger than usual to give You a better view the landing gear is a Fixed tricycle wheeled landing gear and There are tons of safety features like Distributed electric propulsion and

Redundant systems here's another fly Vehicle worth your attention Oscar is an Autonomous on-demand hybrid electric Beetle and s-toll four passenger Aircraft that can be used as a rotable Vehicle it has a crew speed of 150 miles Per hour in the air and a top speed of 70 miles per hour on the ground the Range of the aircraft in the air is 250 Miles the fly vehicle has six electric Propellers and six electric motors Mounted on foldable Canard Wings the Large rear wing is optimized for gliding Smooth Landings and efficient energy Consumption

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