24 Weirdest Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

Get ready to witness the craziest Inventions that'll help you shout in Public without anyone noticing some that Guarantee to keep you in Tip-Top shape And even a few that'll make you grin From ear to ear Looking for a hilarious party game That's sure to leave everyone in Stitches look no further than the giant Inflatable human whack-a-mole for adults The six players popping up from their Moleholes and trying to grab balls while Dodging an inflatable Mallet this game Is sure to be a hit and sorry Bob but a Helmet won't protect you from repaying The 20 debt you still owe me Um have you ever heard of the rocking Bed it's this weird Gadget that Supposedly helps you 've seen you like a baby I mean who Wants to feel like they're in a crib or Bassinet is an adult but I guess some People are into that kind of thing it's Supposed to lower your stress levels and Enhance your dreams but I'm not sure how A motorized bed frame can do that I Don't know about you but I like my bed To be stable and not moving around all Night Human have you completely lost your mind Well licky brush is supposed to help you Bond with your cat by letting you Pretend to lick it you put the brush in Your mouth and use it to groom your

Fluffy ball like a mother cat would if You ask me it's a little too close to Some kind of bizarre furry fetish And the nomination for the most Punch-Drunk look goes to anyone who Wears this big white gag this thing is Called mootalk and it's a soundproof Bluetooth microphone that muffles your Voice while also blocking out ambient Noise it's supposed to be great for Conference calls and noisy environments Or voice chats and online games but I Can't imagine anyone taking you Seriously while you're wearing this Thing trying to speak quieter or leave The open space to keep privacy the That's for weaklings Why on Earth are they tossing poop back And forth like a game of catch ah it's An upgraded Hot Potato that gives you a Jolt of electricity when you least Expect it but come on couldn't they have At least improved the shape too maybe That's just another incentive to toss it Away as fast as humanly possible with The shock being the icing on the cake And as if that weren't enough here's Another game to zap you into Oblivion Grab those futuristic control arms and Wait for the signal to go green before Pressing the button as fast as Lightning Are you late go cosplay Pikachu Do you live for a good Siesta the Ostrich pillow is the ultimate nap

Accessory perfect for catching some z's In style gosh I'm awesome that pumpkin Promises to muffle the sounds and dim The light and the three openings make Sure you can breathe easy and snuggle up Your hands while you snooze in case You're not ready to get the biggest Office freak award here's a smaller Version of the product you can wear on The palm of your hand or on your elbow Hey lovebirds this ain't your ordinary Box no siree this Baby's the ultimate Wingman the cupid of date accessories Feeling tongue-tied let this charmer Soak up the ocean Vibes eavesdrop on the Seagulls and soak in the salty breeds Why you ask cause it's a fancy schmancy AI brain translates all that sensory Goodness into Swoon worthy poetry Etched right onto the sand better move Fast though cause those waves ain't Waiting around for your sweet nothings To dry This is the dice and your girlfriend Will never ask you to buy well at least The chance is incredibly low compared to The Dyson hair dryer yeah these are Headphones with pretty good Characteristics but that magnetic visor That covers half your face that mask is Actually air purifying and some heavy Allergies might find it useful but Wasn't there a bit more elegant Lightweight and I don't know discreet

Solution luckily the lower part is easy To pull down so I'd rather take just the Headphones Meet the fork that'll teach you how to Eat yup happy fork tracks your eating Habits and lets you know when you need To slow down a little in the app you can Check the stats don't you feel uncomfy That the fork teaches you how to live me Neither to complete that set you should Take a look at a spoon that makes your Food tastier instead of using good old Flavor enhancers it uses a small Electric current to make the flavor more Intense it's nonsense It looks like these headphones will help You meditate listening to the sounds of Water but that'd be the easiest answer Isn't it the auto set looks like a bulky Pair of headphones similar in size to The Dyson Zone air purifying headphones However it doesn't connect to a Smartphone and produces only a fluid Filling sound and a slight Pom-Pom okay I won't torture you anymore the water in These headphones actually helps flush Out your ear canals so what you see Right now is earwax falling out Bon Appetit my friend Want the world famous little ping Boy The Mannequin piece to Pour Your Whiskey Just press the button and let the golden Nectar flow it's a guaranteed way to Give your friends a good laugh not too

Keen on the idea of a little peeing boy There's this Santa version of this Liquid dispenser it's like the Jolly Old Man himself is serving your drinks Hey there do you want to say goodbye to The Vin Diesel look I mean I'm a fan too But let's talk about igrow this weird Helmet uses dual lasers that treat your Entire scalp and are supposed to Stimulate hair growth and those Headphones are the only way to fix the Device in place I don't know whether it Helps you grow your hair but I'm a Hundred percent sure it'll be totally Useless on the road This is the invention that'll put a few More gray hairs on those who don't know Its features to put those Mystique Things aside it's an inflatable sheet That puts your bedding back in position Every day well of course you set the Schedule now imagine your housekeeper's Face when she enters the bedroom to Clean it and the bed makes itself right In front of your eyes Alan Poe would Approve of that Move over Apple there's a new fruit in Town that's taken the phone World by Storm it's the banana phone the device Isn't new to the market but it's still Sure to turn heads and prompt the Question is that a real cell phone well Not quite it's a Bluetooth handset with Voice activated calling just pair it

With your device aren't you impressed Hey pickle I think that's your cue aha It's a yodeling pickle that glows in the Dark nothing special It seems like it'll be easier for me to Get a new dog than to clean the one I Already have no worries I need a hoop to Solve that issue the key point is to Connect it to the garden hose voila it Looks so weird but check out the result Your pup is 360 Degrees clean the final Challenge is drying be sure to put a Cute jumpsuit on your pup before they Start rolling in the grass to dry Themselves then you can use a regular Dryer to finish the job your pup will Look like one of those inflatable Figures you see at gas stations and You'll have a lot of fun in the process Cameras have so many things in common With a human eye especially this one Crazy as it looks this webcam is a bold Experiment that explores human Tech Relationships now get your disgust meter Out the skin layers made of silicone Which is okay but it looks freaking real While the eyebrow and lashes are actual Human hair and a complex mechanism makes The cam act like a real Eye Express Various emotions move the eyelids and The brow just like we usually do in Addition the Cam's able to observe Moving objects and even react to your Touch aren't you sick good because I've

Got a new case for your phone now you Can pinch and tickle your phone with an Artificial skin case that responds to Touch it detects a range of gestures and Responds to them in the way a human Could react I need a sick bag Meet the most disgusting toy in our set It's made of skin safe silicone with all Natural pus that simulates the popping Of a huge pimple it's the perfect gift For the Picker in your life yes millions Of people love popping blackheads and Such videos are getting more and more Viral well now you can get rid of Blackheads and pimples and your face Won't suffer will anyone please finally Bring me the sick bag This is not Daft Punk's relative this is A DIY helmet made from an old computer Screen with a fancy LED display after Stumbling upon an old CRT monitor that Was being recycled the inventor Vivian Thomas along with a few collaborators Decided to turn it into what else a TV Head costume as seen below the helmet is Quite entertaining displaying a variety Of animations on its array of LEDs it's A great outfit for Halloween [Music]

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