4 smart gadgets for home

Four smart gadgets for home this is the Coolest pocket size smart key fob and a Universal remote that provides you with Quick and easy Auto and device control It's able to store all radio frequencies So you can combine all your garage door Remotes ID cards NFC cards and all other Infrared remote controls into one now You can control the curtains remotely And even set timers so they just manage On their own just attach it to the Curtain Rail and download the mobile app To check out all the features voila the Smart night light plugs into a socket And works immediately allowing you to Communicate with loved ones while Detecting any potential problems the Coolest part is that the device also Offers hands-free communication this Personal fridge and warmer will keep Your food and drinks fresh and safe it Goes from cooling to heating with just a Flip of a switch all you need to do is Just set the temperature

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