Cool gadgets available on Amazon

Cool gadgets available on Amazon this Super thin headphone amplifier will Bring Studio level sound right to your Smartphone or tablet the gadgets Compatible with IOS and Android devices And the built-in magnets attach it right To the back of your phone or tablet also It supports Wireless calls and runs up To eight hours on one charge with this Tiny Gadget you can seamlessly charge Your headphones apple or USBC gadgets Whenever you need them well yeah with Its 1400 milliamp hour battery it won't Charge your phone up to a hundred Percent it's more like a power boost in Emergency situations but it's still Impressive this is another power bank But it's much more than that aside from Just charging your gadgets it works as a Powerful sterilizer simply wave this Thing over your keyboard phone or Earbuds for 20 seconds and all germs and Bacteria will be gone

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