Little helpers for every man

Little Helpers for every man all your Most needed tools are now combined in a Single survival belt the main part is The Buckle which fits a really sharp Stainless steel blade coated with Titanium for durability and this tiny Portable mini knife will come in handy Anywhere you need it it's razor sharp And super compact there's a lanyard hole So you can put this thing either on your Backpack or your jacket now you can Protect your classic glider from the Elements with these thrim pyro Vault Protective lighter armors offering a Sealed enclosure they come with a Webbing clip and Sure Grip surface the O-ring seal minimizes evaporation and Keeps the dirt dust and water away from Your lighter both cases are suitable for Standard Zippo style lighters no matter Butane or fluid torch models minimal Wallet 3.0 fits more than your cards and Cash there are three models depending on Your needs for example the pro option Can hold cards bills your keys air tag Bike Keys some meds and even a 20 in one Multi-tool for quick fixes on the go

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