Unusual rings for any occasion

Unusual rings for any occasion here's The spinner you can wear on your finger You can use the accessory as an Anti-stress toy but you can also use it As an actual dice while playing board Games and trying to decide who's going To the shop for some more beer it's made Of metal it's sturdy it's waterproof and It's scratch resistant you might think This is another accessory but it's Actually a tiny yet effective Escape Tool there's a little saw that's hidden Inside the titanium ring it might be Very useful in emergency situations ring Can cut rope tape and disposable Handcuffs it also doubles as a lock pick That can be used to open handcuffs this Titanium ring is actually a four in one Multi-tool with the most needed things On an everyday basis including two Knives with different blades a bottle Opener and a comb but you can go even Further and customize the ring with any Other tools pliers for example

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