17 Biggest Tech Lies of 2023

Today I'm going to spill the beans on How the bigwigs and companies media and Government have been pulling your leg With their fake news and phony products On April 1st J skis have launched the Zipit modular Ski system that allows you to adjust the Length flex and rocker of your skis on The Fly how using zippers yep you heard That right that skis on zippers this Means you only need to purchase one pair Of skis that can grow with your kids to Top it off you can easily fit your gear In your suitcase This one's for those who need something More motivational to wake up in the Morning than the calming sound of Flowing water and singing birds to set The mood for the whole day the Construction company Hilti has come to The rescue with its new power nap alarm Featuring some seriously awesome sounds Now you can get your blood pumping by Waking up to the sounds of a jackhammer Or a circular saw and if you're looking To Zen out a bit choose the concrete Grinder or industrial vacuum sounds as Your white noise for your morning yoga Practice Have you ever had a chance to grow your Own fly rod Orvis the company that's Been producing fly rods for almost 150 Years say they've created a fly rod that Actually grows from a seed using a

Secret species of bamboo that Miraculously incorporates metal guides And ferrules without messing with its Jeans a manufacturer claims that you can Now watch your fly rod Sprout like a Beanstalk Every year on April 1st Razer releases Some game-changing new technology such As the Razer hypersense suit a highly Advanced full body gaming suit powered By Razer hypersense haptic technology The McFly project the world's first Hovering Mouse and the Razer eidolon a Wearable drone system this year the Company returned to its roots and Released a product that fully embodies Its name yes Razer announced the Razer Shaving Mouse when things get hairy the Manufacturer promises to be nearby to Shave the day and help you put your best Game Face Forward Razer's April Fool's game is always on Point but I think Indian tech company Xygo has outdone them with their Bhai Bluetooth headset powered by AI despite The real-time translation and built-in GPS tracker it can wake you up when You're about to arrive at your Destination point and even scan the Surroundings to warn you of obstacles Have you ever watched John Wick an Envied his suit which always looked Impeccable no matter what well yd Australia has decided to bring that idea

To life with their survival party suit Which they released on April 1st to Start off you'll look blindingly bright There's even a whistle attached to catch Everyone's attention and the built-in Power bank for your phone not to run out Of battery during long left swipe Sessions don't forget to write as much Personal info as possible on the custom Label and use the mouthwash to make sure You're the life of the party Those who find communicating via phones Boring might try the plume it's a Communication device produced by the Solo Stove company that allows you to Send messages announcements and even Emergency signals using smoke when Traditional yelling won't suffice the Manufacturer recommends adding a few Cedar logs for a quick message or a pack Of Mesquite for a longer one the plume Is made from steel so it's ready to send Even a whole text How to detect a liar air things company Has launched a monitor that detects Um total lies the manufacturer explains That when someone engages in deceit they Start to sweat in their respiratory and Heart rates increase this detector is Said to scan the CO2 humidity and VOC Levels and starts flashing red when a Lie is detected it's something I'd like To own The list of peripherals for your PC

Isn't complete yet the company be quiet Is released an AI fan called Thanos Which is only available on April 1st According to the manufacturer the fan Monitors the temperature and Automatically turns on when it starts to Rise how does it generate airflow I'm Not sure perhaps it uses God's grace The alley console by Rog is the hardest Prank to detect if it's true this will Be rog's first handheld console what I Know is that the device will run on Windows and will offer PC level Performance thanks to the custom-made AMD Apu and the high performance display Rog promises gorgeous gaming like never Before and the dual fan design makes Sure your sessions won't be abrupt Because of overheating speaking of games You can add games from multiple Platforms and play them on a big screen With Rog XG mobile the list of features Isn't complete yet but all of them look Pretty convincing On the other hand last year the company Announced the release of the first smart Gaming lens with built-in head and eye Trackers and the ability to adjust all The settings by moving the eyes and Winking furthermore the manufacturer Also presented a charging case that can Recharge the lens and clean it and you Know what it looked convincing too even Though that guy looked weird

In case you want to change your shoes to Something lightweight teaks has Announced their latest shoe model yup These are just two pieces of Rubber Sole The adhesive is supposed to peel off Easily but it seems to me that you take It off along with the skin yet those So-called shoes will fit in your wallet A little bit of humor from Sweden this Mug by alenco will decide whether you're Worthy to drink from it it weighs almost 19 pounds and is made of solid steel Spilled your coffee that's on you Because this thing is stable as hell Did you know that manufacturers of goods Aren't the only ones who crack jokes yup Even app developers and the media can be Funny take Card GPT for example an AI Powered app that scans your face to Match you with the perfect car according To the developers it scans the depths of Your cerebellum to reveal your innermost Thoughts and desires who knew your Cerebellum had such a Need for Speed huh And let's not forget about Tinder the World famous dating app that's finally Taking a stand against slimy fish They're removing all photos of members Holding fish or any other sea creatures Big or small I mean come on who looks Good holding a fish but my personal Favorite is the new reality show from Duolingo and peacock 10 people try to Find true love but here's the catch none

Of them speak the same language so Either learn a new language or face the Wrath of constant penalties oh and let's Not forget the French government's Latest prank they promise to install the Tallest slide in the world right on the Eiffel Tower I mean who needs a boring Old elevator when you can slide down one Of the world's most most iconic Landmarks sign me up Foreign

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