3 cool tech gadgets

Three cool tech gadgets this charger for Your iPhone gives you the ability to Charge from zero to one hundred percent In just two and a half hours it's Compatible with 12th and 13th lineups The package also includes a five foot Cable and adapter and a kickstand so you Can set your phone on your desk or Nightstand and watch videos or have an App open while it sits and charges this Is a personal desktop companion its main Function is to bring you more fun he Adores being petted and tickled gets shy When you rub his bottom and get scared When you slap the table you'll see all Of them on a single color OLED display Panel which acts as its face while a Custom Servo motor allows the head body And arms to move this is a small yet Handy mute button for your laptop it Simply plugs in via USB and works with Virtually any video conference app now You can turn your mic on and off with a Push of a button and know exactly Whether it's muted everyone around you Can see it as well thanks to the Colorful LED light

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