20 Gadgets That Give You Real SUPERPOWERS

The S1 stilts are a safer more Comfortable and efficient way to work at Elevated Heights and with bionic boots You can run faster on any surface the Pixel neck is a super cool neck support That'll make your overhead work so much Easier the crayax is a rugged waterproof AI wearable tool that provides support For lifting and walking with up to 66 Pounds of lifting compensation no matter Your physical capacities with Guardian XO you'll be able to lift and move large Objects easily up to 200 pounds the Guardian XT robotics operated using the Sun suit wearable controller which lets You control the robotic arms and tools Thanks to this jet suit you'll be able To fly just like Tony Stark with this Lightweight chairless chair it's Comfortable to sit anywhere this Exoskeleton uses mirror technology to Replicate human movement what if you Don't have hands for some reason this Arm is shaped specifically for every Person using 3D scanning follow the link In the comments to watch the full video

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