Coolest Self-Defense Gadgets You Haven’t Seen Before

Keep your hands to yourself This is a Set of savage gadgets that can be your Saving Grace in a pinch or your downfall If you're not careful Has he just smashed a coconut like it Was nothing yep night Watchman Thumper Is the ultimate law enforcement tool That packs a powerful punch it's built To last and can withstand even the Toughest of situations need to turn Spikes on the end provide an added layer Of protection ensuring that any Potential Threat is kept at Bay with its Rigid handle you'll have a non-slip grip And the Paracord lanyard ensures that You stay in control when you need it Most plus the glass breaker on the Pommel and weighty heft make it the Perfect tool to break through any Obstacle here's another tool from the Same manufacturer in addition to the Spikes on the front the 22-inch Hammer Has a penetrating Tomahawk style back Now you can face the toughest situations With confidence Looks like double trouble it's a Double-bladed knife with a blade length Of three and a half inches and a closed Length of five inches this tool is Perfect to carry with you wherever you Go a liner lock prevents accidental Openings and cuts and the quick open Function allows you to open it with just One hand plus with its pocket clip and

Groove design it's easy and safe to Carry nah that's still just a knife wow Is that a replica of the Vampire full Tang arm blade sword used in the video Games blood rain and blood rain too Right you are the sword features a Single solid piece of hard anodized Black stainless steel that stretches an Impressive 17 inches long the handle is Even more impressive with an ergonomic Grip and high-tech strap that wraps Around your forearm simply close the Strap on your arm grab the handle and You're ready to go do we have any Chronicles of Riddick fans in here get Ready to channel your inner Riddick with These saber claws replicas made from Durable stainless steel these claws have An overall length of 12 inches with an 8 Inch blade the sharp point is perfect For scaring off the enemies while the Unsharpened edge ensures safety This gun looks like it was taken from The night City this is actually a Tactical crossbow the steamboat ar-6 Stinger 2 represents one of the easiest And best ways to quickly and accurately Shoot up to six arrows before reloading It's very light and easy to carry and Operate even with one hand and it Utilizes upgraded technology including Improved engineering for the limbs and a Redesigned base it's perfect for both Target practice and small game hunting

With a maximum velocity of 220 feet per Second and power up to 15.2 foot-pounds Of energy the sticker 2 features a Length adjustable stock with a stable And comfort hold and a fiber optic front Sight for precise aiming plus it has a Unique magazine for quick follow-up Shots oh you need something to make your Co-worker work faster this mini bow can Shoot within a 50-foot range just don't Aim it at your colleagues the arrows are Really sharp Stop the presses the ca09 coil Accelerator is here and it's making Waves in the world of electric powered Weaponry this bad boy uses some crazy Cool electromagnetic coils to launch Nickel plated iron discs at Lightning Fast speeds with three velocity modes And a Max rate of fire of 2400 rounds Per minute you'll be unstoppable on the Battlefield and get this it's nearly Silent smokeless and has zero muzzle Flash plus it's super lightweight and Easy to tote around in your backpack oh And did I mention it can fire about 700 Times on a single charge don't be cut Off guard Well all the tools I've already shown You were meant to defend you from Physical threats but what about virtual Ones when you use public Wi-Fi your Important data like passwords and credit Card information can be stolen that's

Why I recommend using cyberghostvpn it Encrypts your data and creates a secure Tunnel that no one can access even your Internet provider won't be able to see What you're doing online so they won't Sell your data to third parties or Throttle your traffic if you're going Over the limit with cyber ghost you can Browse the internet from over 90 Countries without being physically in Those countries and easily access Geo-restricted catalogs of streaming Services like Netflix and find better Deals online for my subscribers I have a Special discount so click the link in The description to get cyberghost for The lowest price Looking for a cool retro weapon to add To your collection check out the new Blow guns from black rhino blow guns These cuties have the largest size you Can buy and are made in the USA with High Precision to make sure your shots Are on point the blow guns also come With a fluorescent sight for shooting in Bright light and two different Quivers For different Dart types they're perfect For hunting small game or practicing Your aim and they come with 40 darts so You'll be ready to go right out of the Box Looking for a way to take down your Opponents from a distance look no Further than the shuriken throwing stars

All of them are made from tough Corrosion resistant stainless steel and Features impeccable balance Sleek Aerodynamics and razor-sharp Blades as You see each star is capable of Inflicting serious damage making them Essential gear for any covert Warrior or Modern day ninja whether you're using Them for backyard target practice or Intense covert operations these throwing Stars are built to last and designed to Impress What is there a zombie apocalypse on the List I found a self-defense tool for you A huge and shiny knuckle duster combined With a built-in dagger an eight and a Half inch blade isn't that deadly but it Can cause serious injury same goes for Those spikes on knuckle duster here are Some other similar models they feature The smooth automatic mechanism that pops The blade out immediately when you push The button and hides just as quickly the Thick brass knuckles in all models look No less impressive with those large Finger holes all of them will be Comfortable to hold even for a Colossus Some of the models are also decorated With these stylish inlays either from Carbon fiber or Onyx in addition there's An integrated glass breaker right on the Handle and most importantly there's that Spooky skull that perfectly matches the Whole look

Well some people get their nails done And some just put on their actual claws These stainless steel rings will make Any outfit look like real armor Especially this Eerie version with a Built-in blade despite the tough look The Rings are still fairly comfortable To wear you're free to bend your fingers As if you're wearing a regular glove Here's another great device to keep your Girlfriend safe it's a knife she can Wear like an ordinary ring in case you Buy a dozen of these tools she might Look like a Catwoman you need something For yourself this ring features a razor Sharp blade you can use to open Parcels Or to alert potential attackers you're Able to stand up for yourself This is the sort of thing every man Dreamed of as a boy well it's never too Late this slingshot gives you the power You've never had with the DIY ones it's Incredibly sturdy thanks to the high Quality materials the ergonomic handle Provides a secure and comfortable grip As you can see the slingshot is super Easy to assemble the package also Includes two durable rubber bands and Balls for shooting games you'll get Astonishing fire accuracy aside from the Balls you can also shoot with arrows Definitely a must-have for Young Fathers Is that a lightsaber well yeah sort of What they both have in common is the

Deadly laser that smashes everything in Its way some countries consider it a Prohibited weapon which is why it's Illegal to own so yeah this 60 milliwatt Laser pointer fires up everything in its Way matches paper and even your phone With its enormous 66-foot range should I Say this isn't a toy to play with This Tomahawk skull claw Gauntlet will Make you look like a wolverine this bad Boy not only provides a solid grip but Also sends your enemies running in Terror made with three razor sharp 11-inch curved blades crafted from solid Stainless steel The Gauntlet features Piercing points that strike fear into The hearts of your opponent the blades Extend from a cast metal skeleton hand That wraps around your wrist while a Faux leather strap with a velcro closure Ensures a secure fit Okay this thing will make you an Invincible long shot when playing darts To say simpler this is a gun that Launches darts within a 20-foot range to Fire each Dart or a blade remove the top Safety cover and pull down the Protective collar press each button to Unleash the ballistic stainless Dart Above it well it seems obvious but I Feel like I need to say that this is not A toy so be careful using this thing Where the power of Batman on your Fingers with this sleek and sturdy bat

Ring crafted from solid steel it's built To last weighing just eight ounces You'll feel the weight of Justice on Your hand measuring it five inches in Width and three inches in length it's The perfect size for any superhero and In case it's not enough for you you can Try this set of knuckle dusters you can Discreetly wear on your back There are billions of pocket knives but How to pick a worthy one this one looks Pretty sophisticated but that's not the Only Pro yet I must admit the locking Mechanism looks stunning you can deploy The blade with a push of a thumb bang And you've got a razor sharp claw in Your hand so cool and so handy in Emergencies just in case there's also a Glass breaker the ergonomic handle makes The knife an extension of your hand when Folded it's safe so you can fix the tool With a clip in your pocket

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