21 Mind Blowing Wearable Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

Are you ready to take a walk on the tech Side today's video is all about Wearables the coolest gadgets that you Can wear on your body I'll show you Everything from the standard smart Watches and fitness trackers to the Mind-blowing third eye and extra finger Smart watches are usually too compact to Fit a large display unless it's flexible This newbia smart watch with its four Inch curved screen is something Unbelievable the display allows new Possibilities for customization Including Dynamic wallpaper plus the Large screen makes it much easier to Read your texts and emails and scroll Them and of course the watch is perfect For tracking all your Fitness activities There are four different sport modes for Various workouts you can always measure Your heart rate in real time using the Integrated sensor the watch stands out With a durable metal body that's both Dust and waterproof the rechargeable Battery lasts up to seven days in power Saving mode here's another option you Should take a look at it also features a Curved bright screen so using it Outdoors won't cause any difficulty just Like the previous watch this one has a Ton of sensors to measure your Fitness Activity your heart rate and blood Oxygen yep one more thing it lasts up to Seven days on one charge too

Communicate in different languages with Ease using headphones in an app called Ambassador the app translates your Speech to the other person's language And vice versa there are three modes Converse lecture and listen in Converse Mode both parties select the language They want to hear and the app translates The speech in real time in lecture mode The app only translates your speech and Streams it through your phone's speaker In another language in listen mode the App listens to the language you want and Translates it to your language although The translations are not perfect they Can handle informal speech and slaying Fairly well some users say the device Struggles to keep up with fast speech so It may not be suitable for watching Foreign language movies overall Ambassador is a great way to bridge the Language barrier The matara pro is a wearable air Conditioner designed to keep you cool Even on the hottest days it fits snugly Around your neck and features cooling Plates and air ducts to reduce your body Temperature by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit in cooling mode on fan mode It produces cold air that's seven Degrees cooler than the ambient Temperature the matura pro comes with a Travel case and a companion app that Allows you to control the settings of

The fan it also has a warming mode that Can help alleviate aches and pains the Matura pro has a battery life of over 8 Hours and is lightweight making it Comfortable to wear for extended period Feel like you're missing out on the full Gaming experience if you're not using The base me gamer wearable haptic Subwoofer then you definitely are this Gadget's seriously cool because not only Can you hear the sound effects but you Can actually feel them too it's like Having your own personal subwoofer right On your chest so you can feel the sound Effects deep in your heart and it's not Just any vibration system It's a Combination of vibration and sound waves That's designed to give you the full Experience plus it's super comfy to wear Thanks to its ergonomic design and soft Touch material all you got to do is Connect your headset via Bluetooth put Base me on your right shoulder and You're ready to start feeling the bathe This lamp is for big fans of reading Before going to sleep feel free to Toggle between three different color Temperatures additionally it has six Adjustable brightness levels so you can See without disturbing anyone with a Rechargeable thousand milliamp hour Battery it works up to 80 hours on one Charge moreover it filters blue light With Advanced LEDs that reduces eye

Strain however it's also dim enough to Not disturb anyone around you Smells like cyberpunk Spirit the first Thing you notice about these earbuds is They're futuristic cases that you can Change according to your outfit and even Wear as a pendant as for the specs Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity ensures the Lowest possible latency most importantly 0.47 inch Dynamic drivers deliver a Detailed sound with really rich Bays Feel free to make phone calls in most Crowded places smart software will cut Off the noise also the sweatproof design Allows wearing the earbuds during Workouts as for the running time The Buds last about eight hours on their own And up to 40 hours with the charging Cage Get rid of all your keyboards and mice They're already on your fingers that's Right a surface and the strap on your Hand is all you need either to type text Or play your favorite games or you might Use the gestures to scroll web pages in The most futuristic way the strap Provides up to 10 hours of operation and It's really comfortable to wear Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use This gadget with virtually any device And platform from your smartphone and Laptop to Smart TV and VR headset here's Another similar device that allows fast Accurate discrete and eyes free texting

And control with any Bluetooth device The tap XR features over a hundred Unique commands making it super Versatile tap users have achieved typing Speeds of over 70 words per minute using Just one hand the device has full Keyboard emulation 10 hours of battery Life plus it can be programmed to create Custom macros hotkeys and presets Everything is literally at your Fingertip I think there must be something unusual About this ring you're right ring Contracts every stage of your sleep Counts the number of your steps and the Calories you burn and of course it'll Monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen Saturation there's more it also tracks Your stress level to recommend you to Slow down a little to relax and have a Nap and what's cool you'll get a free Subscription for the app for a lifetime Take care of yourself We all have to carry our water bottles When doing sports which is quite Inconvenient here's a smart accessory That keeps your water handy so you Always stay hydrated this sleeve is Lightweight and comfortable to suit any Activity running biking skateboarding And so on just fill the reservoir with Water or your favorite sports drink and Zip it it's equipped with an insulated Layer that'll keep your drink cool the

Storage capacity is 12 ounces the mesh Lining ensures your skin can breathe Under the sleeve there are two built-in Pockets to carry your cards or Keys the Sleeve is waterproof and leak-proof Nothing can hold you back Do your wrists hurt from constant work On the computer or phone this wearable Bracelet massager will reduce the pain Unlike bulky massagers this one works Simultaneously with you wherever you are It gets rid of strain and increases the Level of relaxation no more pain when Typing drawing playing games or tennis What's cool this device can be on guard For your sleep too enhancing your brain Waves as well as providing total Relaxation and releasing tension pick One of four massage modes depending on Your goal and don't let the pain stand In the way Not bad but is there anything in this World that'll help you perform a couple Of tricks like shooting fire from empty Hand well with this tiny Gadget everyone Can produce Fireballs out of nowhere Without any special skills the gadget Comes with a detachable strap so you can Cover it with your sleeve you can even Fire the thing from another room using The remote control it works within a 30-foot range flash paper and flash Cotton for loading the barrels are Included in the package that's what it

Takes to become a magician Where's that Cafe I feel helpless even With Google Maps wayband will help you Navigate using haptic vibrations it's Perfect for when you're let's say Training and need to stay in the zone Without being distracted by your phone Or GPS with the way man you can feel Your way around and keep your eyes and Ears free to focus on your journey and Get this you can even create and share Custom routes with other wayband users So if you're ever lost and need a little Help finding your way the wayband has Got your back pretty sweet right How to deal with chronic pain in the Body move plus red light therapy device Will save the day unlike other PBM Devices that are big panels the move Plus is a strap with three adjustable Light modules that make it super Portable and easy to position for Repeatable treatment the red light Technology's different too with lasers In the near infrared range that don't Generate extra heat the strap's Adjustable so you can wear this thing on Your knee elbow or any other body part That needs some treatment but what if It's a back or a chest CZ may ease the Stiffness reduce stress and improve your Health anywhere you need that the kit Consists of two units that combine Thermal therapy far infrared therapy and

Aromatherapy all you need is to place The aromatherapy pads on the particular Area then attach the unit and press the Button to pick the needed mode and Intensity level don't worry they won't Fall off you can go back to your Everyday activities and don't forget to Visit doctors from time to time Have you ever thought of exercising your Brain like you exercise your muscles Mendy is a neurofeedback system that Allows you to do just that using Advanced sensors to measure brain Activity it can visualize and train your Brain to strengthen the prefrontal Cortex area which controls your brain's Pathway the device is wireless and Rechargeable and comes with an easy to Use training app that provides exercises To improve brain performance how much Smarter can you look and feel Here's your rule number one when working Out stay hydrated but it's kind of Tricky to spot when dehydration kicks in Not anymore this Sweat Fitness tracker Measures your fluids sodium losses and Sweat rate while you exercise and it Sends you a detailed report right to Your smartphone along with personalized Recommendations like how and when you Need to hydrate what to eat after Training and so on just apply the patch With the tracker before training and You're ready to work hard

The non-hygienesis egg is a unique and Beautiful watch that pays tribute to the World's first portable timepiece its Egg-shaped design and chakra pattern Make it comfortable to wear and easy to Use while its silent movement and lack Of ticking sound are perfect for those Who find traditional watches irritating The minute pointer rotates around the Center of an axis creating a fascinating Illusion of movement while the hour Pointer remains fixed in the center with The Don hot Genesis egg you can easily Tell the time from the snakehead or Don Hot logo and it can be worn as a Necklace bracelet or carried in your Pocket Men with paying an industrial designer Created a robotic third eye that can be Fixed to a person's forehead for those Addicted to their phones the third eye Helps avoid obstacles when walking and Looking at a phone an ultrasonic sensor Detects when the head is tilted down and A warning beep sounds when a hazard is Detected up to three feet away the DIY Project uses an Arduino platform camera Gyroscope and sonar sensor here's Another robotic body part that you might Need on an everyday basis the third Thumb is an extension for your hand That's controlled wirelessly by your big Toes it's made with 3D printing and is Flexible enough to imitate the movements

Of a real human thumb not only does it Expand your abilities and add Functionality to your hands it also Challenges your brain by making it Integrate a new body part into an Already existing system and it really Does become an almost Inseparable part Of your body once you get used to it Thank you

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