22 Coolest Vehicles You Haven’t Seen Before

Joe Inception concept is a sick electric Car that's supposed to be the future of The brand and the BMW i Vision D is able To display up to 32 different colors This car is a monster it can hit a top Speed of 180 miles per hour and go from 0 to 60 and under 2.6 seconds it's the New Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ XX concept Car that drives about 620 miles on a Single charge this is the TS Superbike And it's got a design and specs that Make other bikes super jealous DaVinci Ds100 is one of the baddest machines Among bikes with a capacity of up to 60 Cubic inches lightweight zero is built Like no other electric car charging on The go and gaining up to 45 miles of Range per day from the Sun alone this E-bike has a thousand watt motor and can Go up to 20 miles per hour this luxury 7-seater is perfect for a comfortable Ride with one pilot and room for six Passengers in the cabin follow the link In the comments to watch the full video

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