The coolest car gadgets

The coolest car gadgets this hammock can Be easily installed on the back of your Pickup or RV now you can enjoy the Comfort while you're fishing or just Take a nice snooze while enjoying the View the hammock can withstand a weight Of up to 300 pounds and when it's folded It's no bigger than a water bottle this Is a pair of wheel mounted winches which Attack to the front or back Drive Wheels Rope guides for winching At Any angle And a fiber-filled nylon rope that's it Now use your car's engine power to pull You out boosted safe is the way to Protect your valuables when you leave Them in your car okay so put your laptop Phone Keys camera lenses or whatever you Like into the safe seal it with the two Pole combination lock and lock it to any Back seat in any car that's all no one But you can get it this is the phone Mount that charges your phone while You're driving your car it's equally Good for iPhones Android phones and even Earbuds the mount automatically detects The wireless coil position of the phone And auto align with the Q rough coil

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