Gadgets every man needs

Gadgets every man needs the norovine air Duster can clean off dust from your Laptop PC or any other Gear with its Powerful 41 000 RPM Motor it can blast Out air at over 42 miles per hour and Remove all dust from Electronics also You can use that brush to clean hard to Reach places this tiny flashlight is Quite powerful featuring multiple Brightness modes the gadget is three Inches long so you can clip it onto your Jeans pocket throw it into your backpack Or hang it on your neck the lanyard also Doubles as a charging cable this is a Whole light system that helps you to Understand the things in the office or Anywhere else a bit more clearly there Are three versions the flag the mini and The Bluetooth red means you're busy and Green shows you're free to chat this Mouse Bungie will keep your workplace Neat and tidy first forget about the Tangles second there are three ports to Plug in your devices and finally that RGB adds some fun to your desktop

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